05-13:My pictorial BG rollercoaster

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Interesting 8 days.

I reeeeaaally need to get this under control.

Emma—my bs has been ping ponging all over the place lately too… really when looking at yours, i dont think it is all that bad… just a few blunders—i think positive most of the time—most important thing is to figure out what is causing you to go high (carb count errors, forgot to take a shot, took the shot too late, etc) …once you figure that out, the rest is pretty easy.

I don’t think it’s actually food related some of the time… it’s rising even when I don’t eat. My school is crazy though I am a fair bit stressed 'cause I’m just starting GCSEs as well. I think I’m averaging at too high though 'cause I start to feel low at 5 mmol/l. hmm. I don’t like school!!

I totally understand…i never liked school either…and stress can have a big impact on BS. Maybe you need more long acting insulin— have you considered a pump—i got my first one when i was 19, best thing i ever did for myself. Insurance can be crazy… i’ll keep rooting for you. good luck.

Controlling Diabetes is very challenging. Even after 31 years and using the latest technologies (pump & CGMS) I still have bad days.

Some people (I’m one of them) tend to beat themselves up if they don’t achieve perfection. And that self-induced stress can actually make BG control worse. I’ve learned to mellow over the years and realize that I’ll never achieve perfect control. When I have a bad day (or days) I just accept it and try to do my best the next day.

Remember, the goal is to maximize your time in the target range. No one achieves that 100% of the time. You are doing very well for such a new Diabetic. Keep up the good work.