1 less Med for Me Argentina

This is a post taken from my blog “Randombetes”. You can find the original blog at: http://urocktoday2.blogspot.com/

Went to the doc this morning. As a result of loosing weight, I needed to cut my blood pressure med’s down. It was going low, I’d stand up, and just about pass out… So…, we cut out one of the meds altogether as an experiment. The doc’s response was, “Well, this is something i don’t get to do very often. I’m kinda liking this”.It made me feel good.

My BP was 106/65 I think. Weight as of this morning…200 lbs exactly. But then again, I was wearing clothes and size 24 shoes. No, i don’t normally wear 24’s, i just felt like wearing my clown costume. It livens up the waiting area. Note to self: must remember to pack more helium for the balloons. Crying kids and a waiting room of sick people don’t mix so well…