1 Month Of Diabetes

Brennan has had Type 1 Diabetes for about a month now. He was diagnosed October 21, 2014. He has made huge improvements within this month. There are no longer battles when it's time to check blood sugar. He knows that he has to do it now multiple times a day. So I think he finally gave in and realized that it's not going away. His brother Griffin who also has diabetes has been really helpful in helping him get use to the routine. He is only 5 so he does have trouble recognizing if he is low or high. He will just go up to me and say "Mommy I don't feel right". We check him and he is usually high or low. He is doing great at school with it. The nurse comes down to his class to check him at the scheduled times and gives him his shot. He is very open about it and likes to tell everyone that he has Type 1 Diabetes. Last week when he was getting his blood sugar checked he announced to the class " I'm gonna get my sugar checked now. Who wants to watch?" I am very thankful he has this attitude about it. I think it's partially related to the fact that his brother also has diabetes. We are now in the process of looking into getting him a pump and CGM. My other son Griffin is on Omnipod and Dexcom. They said in about another month or so he should be able to get on a pump. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and comments. I knew some of you probably wanted an update as to how he was doing.

Awwww.. what a strong kid! He must have a good suport system! Good luck to you and your little men.. :)

Thanks for the update. We've been thinking about you and the boys! They are really doing a good job. So cute!! Like Shannon said, You have really known what and how to do it. Best wishes.

so glad to here he is doing better and the school is on board to help, kudos to you and griffin for setting the tone. bitter sweet in a big way but he is probably at a good age to learn and accept and not reminisce about what life was like pre D. you are an amazing mom, best of luck with your 'sugar' babies. blessings, amy