10 hour high and scared to death for my pregnancy

Hello all.

I’m a t1 diabetic on an insulin pump with a cgm as well. My husband and I went out on a date day today (a few hours away from home). It was wonderful!..except my site went bad. The insulin absorption was awful. I might as well have not even had an insulin pump. And being the big dummy I am, I also forgot to bring some manual injection supplies.

Anywho, my bgs ranged from 180-235 for TEN HOURS while we were driving home/nursing the high back down. I’m currently 11 weeks pregnant as well.

I feel so scared and worried for my little one. Usually my bgs are pretty well and my a1c is 6.4. I’m just afraid I made an awful error. I just need some support/love/similar stories with happy outcomes.

Thanks frands.

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I’m not a doctor or anything but I think you and your baby will be fine:)

Those numbers, 180-230 are higher than any of us like… But to keep it in perspective, they didn’t consider “tight control” to mean staying under 180 “most” of the time until quite recently in the grand scheme of things. A few hours at what we now consider moderately elevated levels aren’t likely to cause a problem, it’s the big picture that counts, the days, weeks and months.

I understand your concern though…

your A1c isn’t too bad, a 10hr high under 240, is neither here nor there in the scheme of things, it won’t be the last high you have, bloods are notoriously hard during pregnancy.
your Dr may advise to keep hitting with insulin till it goes down, with the hormones all over the place it may take what seems a huge amount to correct.

your basal may also have shifted

he may suggest to follow the basic Sick day rules

An unexpected high that lasts for hours can seem like an eternity, and of course when it’s happening it IS an eternity. But I agree with @Sam19 and @jack16, if you are paying attention it will all be okay.
Mostly, keep monitoring and don’t let the unexpected results stress you out; you clearly know how to deal with them, so as usual patience is a virtue.
Congratulations in advance on being a new mom!

Hi Ashley,

I wouldn’t worry! I gave birth to 2 perfectly healthy sons when pumps and CGM’s were not around.

I know you are worried, but take a good breath and try to get some perspective. As Joedy says pregnancy used to happen prepump, pre CGM, pre even home blood testing. Pre these things healthy happy babies were born. Now i am not trying to minimize your fear I understand you are very scared. But i hope our words have helped. Blessings D sister.

Thank you all for your kind words! I’m an anxious person but this has helped relieve at least a portion of my fear :slightly_smiling_face:

Your awareness, vigilance, and willingness to act in a timely manner will help stack the odds highly in your favor to deliver a healthy child.

I was on a pump for many years. The third day on a site has a much increased incidence of absorption/occlusion problems. I replaced infusion sites/sets most of the time after three days. It’s less work and more economical. But given your concern for your little one, perhaps you should consider site/set changes every 48 hours. I know sites/sets can go bad before 48 hours but you may decrease your chances of this happening with changes every two days. Just a thought!

I agree with all of the said above. No need to worry. A woman i know gave birth to 2 perfectly healthy babies in the nineties year- not bg-wise​:wink:, without a pump, without a cgm. When i asked her what she did to calm herself during high bg, she said that she would talk to the baby, telling it to only take what it needs, and leave the rest with momma. I know that wont bring the bg back down, but i find it a beautiful example to stay positive and calm in such stressful times. :blush:
All the best to you and your baby🍀

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First… I KNOW it’s scary!! I am not type 1 (gestational now type 2)… but was on insulin for both pregnancies and my numbers were ALL OVER the place! Highs as low as 40 and highs 250+. My son and also my twins were born perfectly healthy (weights 6lb 11oz, 5lb 11oz and 6lb 12oz so, NOT big!). Of course you want to try to avoid high sugars, lots of ups/downs, but you just do the best you can. There is only so much that you control.

Keep your doctor in the loop with your concerns and s/he will help you!!

Hugs, I know it’s hard!!

What a beautiful sentiment!

The doctors at the Barbara Davis Center told me a few hours is not going to hurt… It’s days and months of highs but it’s so hard! Other doctors try and scare you but it will be ok.