10 Things I Hate About You Diabetes

1) I beep. Every time I turn around, I beep. I beep in the middle of the night. I beep when I am trying to have some quiet reading time. I beeped when I was trying to write this post. I even beep in my dreams now.

2) You make me plan ahead. I can never be 100% spontaneous. If I go someplace, I have to make sure I have insulin, test strips and glucose with me. If I am going to be active, I have to check my BS first to make sure I won’t drop low during the activity and take the time to eat something if needed. I can’t just have fun without thinking about my BS first.

3) You make me see a doctor every 3 months just so I can get a script for the insulin I need to stay alive.

4) You are expensive. I would hate to add up all the money I have spent over the last 27 years on insulin, syringes, pen needles, pump supplies, Dexcom supplies, glucose tablets and even those wasted doctors appointments in number 3. If I had all that money, I could take that dream vacation to Ireland and have the time of my life visiting old places that my ancestors came from. Oh, I forgot, I am afraid to fly – guess I would have to find something else to spend all that money on!

5) You scare my dog. Alex goes under the bed when I beep at night. I really think he knows those beeps mean my BS is low. He doesn’t like when I pass out, especially when it happens before I feed him in the mornings. I can see his little brain thinking, “here we go again” when those beeps start.

6) You are just a mess. Sometimes I squirt gushers of blood when I just need a tiny drop of blood for that test strip and get blood everywhere. I find test strips all over the place. I drop Smarties everywhere. There are little pieces of the green plaid topping of the Flexifix tape everywhere. I used to be a neat person.

7) You take up too much space. I have a drawer in the kitchen filled with diabetes stuff. I have a drawer in the refrigerator filled with insulin. I have 2 shelves in my linen closet with test strips, Dexcom and pump supplies. I have containers in both my living room and bedroom filled with Smarties in case of a low. I always have my meter, lancet and insulin pens someplace close. I keep Smarties in my purse. I have CDs for all the diabetes software on my computer. I have manuals for all the gadgets I have. Just think about how much less stuff I would have if I could get rid of all that diabetes junk.

8 ) You make me get up early. Sometimes a girl would just like to sleep late, but no, I have to set my alarm so I can take insulin.


9) You give me bruises. Do you know how many doctors and nurses have questioned the bruises on my arms because they think someone was beating me up?



10) I need a scale, calculator and a clock just to eat. One serving size is 5 ounces and 4 grams of carbs. I am having 4 ounces, how many carbs is that? I am eating at 10:45 AM. Should I use my breakfast carb ratio of 1:6 or my lunch carb ratio of 1:12? Putting peanut butter on those crackers? If I want to use TAG, now I have to know the carbs, protein and fat to come up with how much insulin I should take. Oh crap, my BS is 130 so now I have to take a correction bolus also. Has it been 20 minutes yet since I took my insulin?

This post is my Thursday, May 12th entry for the 2nd Annual Blog Week. You can check out more posts at Bitter~Sweet.

I Empathize fully after 50 years

lol that is so true!! very good.thanks!!

Fantastic list! I do not have to deal with some of those but there is probably 10 points that I could think of. Including the Funny comics in your blog, seems to ease the difficult items a bit. I particularly like number 5. :smiley: Good work!

Thanks Jupton & Dean. Terrie, I think I spent more time looking for the pics than I did writingit.