10 things to tell a non D about D

Oh! at work thats a cute note on your sandwich.:slight_smile: i laugh and say its not a note like mind your own business its like my CARBS!AND WAY OF LIFE…diabeticidol94

Do you post-it-note your sandwich with the carb count (and whatever else you account for in your meal management)? Or, if your lunch is prepared by a spouse/SO/child/parent/roomie, is the note provided by the lunch-maker? (This can be a Good Thing, regardless of the type of diet-to-diabetes management one follows.)

It’s really amazing how much the non-diabetic world misunderstands our disease. Whether we be T-1, like a number of people on this board, or T-2, like the majority of diabetics in the US of A (myself being one of these), we all have to admit that we have this disease or it will have us. By having us I mean our feet, our livers, our kidneys, etc.

Management is all that we can do, at least until there is a cure. We can eat whatever we want, it’s just we have to watch our portions. For example, today my wife took me out for my birthday and the steak house said that I would get a desert with my dinner. I then slimmed back my carb intake on my meal so I could have part of the desert. Brownie, ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce. Had a little of it (not the whole thing like I would have a little over a year ago before I was diagnosed) and checked my sugars a couple hours later and they were right in line with my goals, 120ish even after the extra desert. Portions, portions, portions, that’s what it’s all about.

Gotta agree with everything you said here. Right on the point.

I am absolutely in AWE. WOW. Would I love to have any or all of you walking with me when I meet some of the people I know. I would never be able to think of all the things you all have come up with here on these last two pages. A lot of you have a really wicked sense of humor and I DEEPLY appreciate it. You all are just totally awesome. You make me smile. You make me proud. !!!

So, the other day on Fox and Friends, Nick Jonas was on briefly talking about Diabetes. I was so happy someone was actually going to discuss type 1, but unfortunately, Gretchen Wilson (dumbest anchorwomen in the world) kept interrupting and of course made all the typical, unhelpful diabetes comments. For instance, WOW! You can still eat a burger that’s good news. I wanted to fly over to the fox news studio and beat her upside the head. I promise I am not violent person, but I cannot stand Gretchen Wilson and her constant stupid commentary. I mean, if you are going to interview somebody about a disease, sport, etc do some freaking research before hand. I feel better now that I got that off my chest.

to the non-D I’d just like to express
the only difference between us is that I have to buy my insulin…and I only choose to eat lower carb because insulin isn’t cheap! Otherwise I CAN and WILL eat anything I choose to “spend” my insulin on.

I have a pic of all of us it’s just that it’s not a digital one . It was made back in the 90’s before digital came out!!! I have enough problems getting those of my granddaughter up…still waiting on getting one of both girls up little long one of all of us! HA!!

I know… I saw that too! Very stupid comment.

OTOH, there’s a weekly 5-min segment with the Jonas brothers on Disney channel. This past week’s dealt with Nick’s diabetes, and they showed his Omnipod and his pre-performance glucose check, plus his mom saying that he’d been running much too high earlier in the day and didn’t feel well because of it… Numbers were given (not bleeped out)…

I actually wanted to see that interview only because I wanted to see how stupid it got. I watch Fox a lot, but the Fox and Friends show is rather dumb, definitely not hard hitting news commentary. I have it on in the background for noise when I am making my breakfast. BTW it is Gretchen Carlson, Gretchen Wilson is a country singer, you threw me for a loop there.

This is rather long, (and unedited) but here is everyone’s comments from three different message boards. I plan to put them up on the internet somewhere hoping that it will reach at least a couple of people or maybe some newly diagnosed diabetics


There is nothing that I or any other type 1 diabetic could have done to avoid getting diabetes
Please don’t get upset if I don’t eat what you consider healthy, like juice, milk and cake. Don’t take it personally if I don’t eat the food you brought to the meeting.
Dude, stop touching that (the pump)
No, it’s not a cell phone, how many people do you know that have an antannae threaded to their stomach?
Yes, I’m aware that I have clear plastic thread poking out of my pants
No, I can’t just get a pancreas transplant…
If I act funny - feed me sugar
No, diabetes is NOT a death sentence in modern times. With proper care and good control I have a very good chance of living a long, heathly life free of serious complications!
I am not sick, my body just doesn’t make sufficient insulin any more, just the same as my ageing skin no longer has enough collagen
loosing weight will not make me “less” diabetic
no my diabetes doesn’t go dorment during the holidays I still have to be careful
no shoving candy in my mouth to stop a hypo isn’t my idea of fun
No I really can’t eat that right now
Yes I can eat this…
Spikes are NOT okay so yes I need to excerise this much yes I need to not eat that and yes I need to test my self again. Call me parnoid don’t care…
I’m genetically challenged.
No, I didn’t eat too much sugar as a child.
No, it’s not the same thing as your gran has.
No, there’s nothing I could have done to prevent this.
No, baring a miracle I am never going to “get better"
No, it isn’t going to slow me down or stop me doing whatever I want to do.
no I wont grow out of it
I know what I can eat and not eat
There is no miricle cure for this and no it wont just go away
I didnt give it to my son (like I would do that to my kid)
Yes I can do that even though I have D. Why wouldnt I be able too?
No,I did not eat too much sugar as a child
Yes, I can eat that
No, it will not get ‘better’ if I just watched my diet and exercised more (like i don’t watch my diet enough anyway)
Yes, I do have to test now (or on MDI yes, i do have to inject now)
No, it isn’t as esy as just taking a pill every day (and btw I don’t take any pills)
No, I am not a ‘bad diabetic’ because there is a packet of biscuits in the kichen cupboard
Oh and finally, - You know, I really don’t appreciate the constant jokes about how I will go blind and have all my limbs amputed and will have to get around on a skateboard with a stick in my mouth.
Yes, you COULD give yourself all those injections if your life depended on it…
Insulin therapy has come a long way since you had to have insulin. (in reference to old information on how diabetics have to eat at certain times)
Giving shot is really not the worst thing about being diabetic.
YES - I can eat that. Just small quantities. And sheesh, if I wanna eat large quantities, I’ll just take a nice nap from the high or take a shot of insulin.
I’d tell them that you can’t generalize. We’re all very different in the way we handle our diabetes. There is no one correct way.
I’d tell them that I don’t care to hear about all the horrors your “great Aunt Mary” went through with diabetes before she died or about how your friend once had a diabetic cat that had to have his ear stuck to get blood sugar readings!
The one thing I’d like people to realize is that diabetes is indiscriminate, affecting young, old, male, female, fat, thin…so don’t look at me or judge me as though i’m deserving of having this disease…as it could just as easily happen to you or someone you love
I’d have them learn that overeating and obesity are symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes… NOT the cause
I’d say three members of my family have Diabetes so I was not entirely surprised when I was diagnosed T2
(to the checkout girl) No - I won’t faint! She was convinced that anybody with diabetes would faint if they ate anything with sugar in it.
It gets a bit of a bore having to take meds all the time, to check BGs all the time and to keep having medical check-ups but Hey! that’s what we have to do to keep us ok
I would tell a non-D that D is not fun and often can be a struggle but it has helped me appreciate all the good things in life.
i think i would tell a non D to take the time appreciate that before they eat anything they dont need to make sure they have enought insluin with them, to know what your BG is, to count the carbs in what your eating to even know if you can eat it…
Look. Asking questions is how you learn. If you ask me something about diabetes, I’ll either give you the best answer I can, or refer you to a place where you can find the information. Just don’t make assumptions based on what some dude in scrubs says on a talk show, or on what you read in some dumb ‘health’ column on the Internet.
I do what I need to do in order to stay healthy.
I’ve only been in this for just over a month, and I can say the first month is busy as far as answering questions, but I already have a standard answer for the people that say “I just couldn’t give up my candy bars” my reply “then I hope those candy bars are REALLY to die for” You can replace candy bars with a whole slew of “must consume vast amounts daily” items but thats the most common one.
I tend to agree with the not my fault part. The 1st thing people ask me is which type, not like they have a clue but when I say type 2 they Always Always say ohhh. That’s the my fault comment. It’s frustrating.
I explain that my treatment plan allows me to fit my meds to my meals, not the other way around.
One thing that annoys me is when people say that T2 is not as serious as T1!!! Sorry, but all diabetes can have serious complications if not controlled.
It’s not about sugar, it’s about carbohydrates.
Someone I met today asked me, “Oh, you’re a diabetic? Are you in good control?” I thought about it and said, “Control? You know, I’ve never really met a diabetic who is. Every day is a new day. But we keep trying.”
” I could never give myself a shot" I just tell them…It is a treatable disease and you do what you have to in order to live.
That no one did anything wrong to get Type 1.
My diabetes isn’t bad just because I have a pump, I just wanted tighter control.
No, I did not eat “too much sugar” when I was a kid.
No, it will not “go away” if I lose weight.
Yes, I have to take shots.
No, I can’t take pills. And no, those pills that some Type 2 diabetics take are not “insulin pills.” (Somebody actually told me that a “diabetes nurse” called them “insulin pills,” and since she’s a nurse and I’m not, then they must be insulin pills, because how could a nurse be wrong?)
No, the shots and the finger pokes don’t hurt. But even if they did, I don’t exactly have a choice in the matter.
No matter what type of diabetes it is, all diabetes is “serious.” My diabetes is not “better” or “worse” than anyone else’s, and it is not more “serious” just because I take injections.
I really don’t want to hear about your second cousin twice removed whose diabetes was “cured,” nor do I want to hear about your great-aunt Mavis who went blind and had her legs amputated because she had the 'betes.
Can we not talk about Wilford Brimley, please?
Wilford (Brimley) and I do not have the same disease.
I’d rather live with it than die from it.
For those of us with T2, paying attention to diet and exercise are important for quality of life; for those of us with T1 or who are insulin-dependent, paying attention is necessary for life.
We cannot reverse diabetes; we can only delay or halt its progression.
For the meter/shot/pump-averse crowd, "You’d do it if your life depended on it. Mine does."
Yes I can eat that. Should YOU be eating that?
There is no cure for diabetes.
I hate shots, too.
You don’t have to cook or make anything special for me, thanks.
Normal blood sugar is around 80.
low blood sugar means i need MORE sugar. NOW!
Low blood sugar is dangerous now. High blood sugar is dangerous in the long-term.
I’m going to live as long as you do. (Longer, if I have anything to say about it.)
Insulin is not sugar.
If it makes you uncomfortable, look the other way. I’m trying to be discreet here.
Shots do hurt, but atleast im not in the hospitail getting chemo. with a 50% chance to live.
I can eat whatever i want, as long as i cover for it.
I am not “emo” just because i have to bleed 5+ times a day.
When I say my blood sugar is low, just make sure i get something to eat, and i would appreciate it if you didnt run around like im on my death bed.
Type 1 and Type 2 are not the same kind of diabetes, PERIOD.
I have type 1, and i did nothing to myself to have it.
While there is no cure for diabetes, insulin is our only life-line.
The thing i have clipped on my clothes isnt a cell phone, its a Pump.
A pump is something that allows me to only take a shot once every 2 days.
We may have diabetes, but diabetes doesnt have us.
Honestly? Well I would tell them to shut up I know what I’m doing! Who’s had diabetes longer me at 35 years or you yet to get it? Sorry if you knew my family and friends you would know what I’m talking about!!!
Well, yes, sometimes it hurts when I check my blood sugar or change my infusion site. But it hurts one hell of a lot less than the severe pain I was in during Diabetic Ketoacidosis and spent two days in ICU
diabetes really stinks

  1. I’m not going to die automatically if I crash. Keep calm and work with me - especially if I can’t on my own. If I can’t help myself and you panic… the odds stacked against me increase… significantly!
  2. If I seem to be slurring, out of it, smell sweet or walk funny… tell me to test while you are getting me 8oz of OJ on standby…
  3. If I crash, force feed me OJ, sugar packets, Glucose Tabs from my purse, etc. Give me 15 minutes. If I’m still silly… repeat. Continue every 15 minutes until I am my normal self. BTW, here’s how my tester works… [insert live training session]
  4. If I crash, JUST REACT and refer to items 1 thru 3 above, and:
    > Don’t ask me a million questions… I can’t answer
    > Don’t yell at me… I can’t respond
    > Stop the normal conversation, instruction, debate, argument, or interaction we were having… my world is going black… and fast!
    > Don’t ask me what I need 40 times over… I’ll just bark unknowingly at you in response. Please see items 1 thru 3 above…
    If I crash and can’t recover, call 9-1-1, tell them I’m T1 and give them my important info. You’ll find what you need in my test kit. If there is a brave one in the group, go for the red emergency shot. It goes through clothing. No brave ones in the group and not enough adrenaline to overcome it? Ask around the room for extra help or call 9-1-1 back for support and guidance. No red emergency shot? Tell the paramedics to drive faster :wink:
    If I’m irritable, feisty, pushing away help, or my head has just turned a full 360, exorcist style… ignore it. Don’t take it personally. It’s just my body reacting to a low and with your compassion and help, I’ll be myself again, soon. I don’t hate you - my body is in primal, survival mode.
    If we are eating together and I say “no” to your offer, or just have a tiny bite… don’t be offended. Don’t take it personally. Don’t take it as the Southern “polite refusal” inviting you to push the food at me 7 more times until I break down and say, “yes.” It is what it is… I’m managing my disease at that moment on that day. Every day is different. I might not be able to eat the double dutch chocolate cheesecake with raspberry & chocolate dressing that took you eight hours to make. Next week? Okay, maybe. My “no” is not an insult. I want to eat it, I really do. Shoving it in my face only makes me want to cheat and hurt myself. But, be assured, it is because I’d rather keep my little toes and my organs… it is not a reflection of the level of my confidence in your culinary skills.
    I don’t expect you to have food for my disease at your party. However, let me know if everything is going to be fried, filled with HFCS, lots of carbs, or other processed items. I don’t mind bringing my own kibbles or eating before I visit… I just need to know to plan ahead. Especially during the holiday season!!!
    If I seem to be in “fast-forward” remind me that I might need to test and probably take some insulin to come down.
    No, you can’t contract this disease if you are near me and I breath on you. Neither can I pass it onto your newborn child. And yes, I’m not handicapped and I am as able as you…
    *Diabetes is not a character flaw. It’s a disease.
    People tell me: “shouldn’t you have some more potatoes and corn, instead of that piece of birthday cake” - I say: "I have been trained to know what a carbohydrate is and how to match the amount of insulin to the number of carbs/protien/fiber that I am going to eat, can you?"
    I was home sick from work for one day last week and when I returned the next day - one of my co-workers asks me (without knowing or asking why I was away) “are you looking after your diabetes properly, you know you should be”. I simply answered “yes, I am”, but I wanted to say “maybe you should be telling me how to look after myself, as it seems you’re an expert”.
    *Here’s another comment: “your blood sugars would be perfect if you ate better”. Guess what: none of the tools we have can do as good a job as a healthy pancreas. I can eat the exact same healthy breakfast every day, with the same amount of insulin, and one day I may be over my target, and another day I may be under - there are so many variables.
    Some people say: “People with diabetes should eat “sugar free” foods” - many “sugar free” foods have as much or more carbs than regular food - and they usually cost more - I say “thanks, but I like real food, not all that artificial stuff”.
    I don’t need any special diet, and you don’t need to make me a different meal.
    Being diabetic means I eat healthy (I try to stick close to the food guide - which EVERYONE should do) and I exercise regularly.
    I’m the same as you (the non-diabetic), except that I wear my pancreas on the outside of my body.
    *Myth: being fat means you eat way too much. There are many body types in the world (just like greyhounds vs. St. Bernards in the dog world - losing weight won’t turn a St. Bernard into a greyhound - it would just make him into a grumpy, too-thin St. Bernard) - Know your body type, accept it, and have realistic goals.
    The most important thing I would like to say to a non-D is: "I would love to sit down with you sometime to explain to you everything that I need to do to “look after myself” so that you can be better informed, and then maybe you wouldn’t be so quick to judge me…but yes…I know, maybe later…
    at work thats a cute note on your sandwich.:slight_smile: i laugh and say its not a note like mind your own business its like my CARBS!AND WAY OF LIFE
    Management is all that we can do, at least until there is a cure. We can eat whatever we want, it’s just we have to watch our portions.
    the only difference between us is that I have to buy my insulin…and I only choose to eat lower carb because insulin isn’t cheap! Otherwise I CAN and WILL eat anything I choose to “spend” my insulin on.
    Yes, I CAN eat that
    (*paraphrased from “Diabetes Myths, Misconceptions, and Big Fat Lies!” by Kris Swenson and Betty Brackenridge)

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