10 year Anniversary


Time flies. 10 years since I got the phone call to see my doctor right now!
I was totally diabetes ignorant and confused. A1c of 12.0. Fortunately I found people who told me to forget the recommended standard of care and go straight to reducing my carb intake and increasing my exercise.

It has worked out well, I have been off meds for 8 years (only took metformin) and my A1c has been 6.0 or less. Now 73 i feel better and more active than I did back then. Celebration time.


We are so happy to have you as a member of our community, we value and appreciate your knowledge. Congratulations on your health improvement, sometimes illnesses or health issues help us stop and re-evaluate how we take care of ourselves.

For many more years filled with health! :clinking_glasses:


Congrats on making some good choices at a stressful time. Your selection of what many might see as an ineffective treatment path required personal fortitude and persistence. You have rewarded yourself with better health as a result. Your long-term in-range glucose numbers provide great confirmation of the wisdom of your decision. Good luck going forward!


Congratulations and great job! Nancy50


Congratulations @T2Tom and I hope you have many many years ahead.