10 year old with Type 1 diabeties and on zoloft

I have a 10 year old daughter that has been a diabetic for almost years. she’s been on a pump in the past and has now a couple months ago started a new one. About 1 1/2 ago i started to notice that she was starting to have behavioral problems, but thought that it was because she was so mad about having diabeties, that i just delt with it. Well in last school year she failed 2 classes she was struggling with, and had to repeat 3rd grade. Was so upset and felt like a failure as a parent, thinking that it was maybe my fault and maybe i could have done something different. I cried for days after i found out. Then right before she started school for this school year, i went and had a couple tests done through her primary doctor, thinking that she maybe had ADD. Alot of signs and symptoms. So first yes they diagnoised her with ADD, started her on Ritlan, she got headaches really bad. So then she went on Adderall. Did really well in school, got all A’s i was so proud of her. I was glad that i had done this. Well needless to say, every parents nightmare happened. I got her up for school -after being on it for about 2 1/2 weeks. She always wined getting up, so as usual i was like okay enough letting go, made her get up and get in the shower with me. Well within about 5 minutes in the shower, she fell into a grandmal seizure for about 6 minutes. I freaked, i thought she was having a heart attack. she couldnt breathe, i couldnt get to the phone cause i was so scared to leave her. NEVER EVEN CROSSED MY MIND TO CHECK HER SUGAR…why i have no idea. i was paniced so bad. I finally got a grip got the phone, call 911. all of the sudden she stopped breathing all together and she was blue, still to this day, i dont know what made me do what i did next. i hit her in the chest kinda hard, and she started breathing again. when she was coming to, she couldnt talk at all, she started playing in the bathtub like she was a baby. she couldnt remember anything that had happened. Then in around Dec 2008. she started having these episodes like she was having mini seizures, like she was in a daze. but then couldnt remember anything afterwards. so i took her back to the neurologist, and they did an eeg. showed nothing, according to the doctor. well since the big seizure she’s been regressing really really bad. But anyways the neurologist started her on zoloft thinking that she was having anxiety attacks. well i dont think that , that’s what’s going on. ever since i started her on the zoloft her blood sugar bottom out. cant keep them up at all. I dont know what to do, i dont think that her neuro. and endo are talking. Any input anyone can give me would be awesome. I have alot of health problems with myself, and i’m tired, wore out. i have 2 other children it’s not fair. that i have so much of my attention goes to Kaitlyn. But if i dont keep on her, she doesnt remember to check her self anymore. I have to do everything for her now. Thanks for reading. god bless to everyone.

I am so sad to hear of the issues you are having. I can imagine it is totally awful. Again I am so sorry.

I suggest three things. As Renee suggests do consider shopping for an endo. I am not suggesting yours is bad, but you may need to change up to be sure you are ont eh same page as the neurologist. i suggest looking for a pediatric endo.

I also strongly suggest that you consider a psychologist and therapist for both you and her. This is a tough situation and you and her will need some close help as you traverse the future days. Even if your daughter doe not go you should. No I do not know you , but I strongly suggest that as a care giver you should take good care of yourself. A local therapist will also help with knowledge of the local medical community.

Finally, check with the school nurse and ask what her days are like at school. Your daughter has some big issues and if she knows she is getting attention she may not be trying to over come it. Check at school first with the nurse then ask for a psychological evaluation. Your daughter may be eligible for a 503 conference or a complete psychological evaluation. dop this right away. You cna do it by tlaking to two folks, either her teacher or school counselor. Call either tomorrow.

Rick Phillips

Hi Jessie,
I agree wholeheartedly about the team approach and I do agree starting at the school. If you run into a brick wall at any point at all, stop and go in a different direction. You need full help and cooperation and you will quickly see who is going to help and who isn’t. Since she is having seizures you need to start with the medical cvommunity, a pediatric endo and neurologist. Your daughter needs tests and a pshcological evaluation And you need her teacher and counselor to be involved as well. You will need to be involved as well so that means also that you see the couselor and psychologist as well Medical doc still needs to be involved becasuse you need to knowe when the seizures take place too,. just in case it corresponds to the injection of her insulin. There are a lot of things to consider If she has these kinds of reactiions due to the insulin then that will be easy to fix, but if not then eveything else has to be watched There are just so many thngs to consider. We will all be with you and keeping you in our prayers. Please be sure to come back and let us know how you are doing You are part of our family now too and we all care about each other.