100 miles an hour without brakes

where to begin.just when i get the hang of things and get a schedule laid out for everyone,a preverbiable monkey wrench is thrown into my mix.
so a basic layout of my day.single mom.full time job.girl scout troop leader.gymnastics.pta and a room mom for the rugrats class.besides basic care for my daughter that sums up her activities.
my girlfriend (chas) has CF so add doc appts.breathing treatments.vest usage.and a regular menagerie of meds.not to mention hospital time when required for a “tune up” as we like to call it.one week in.then 4-6 weeks on IV at home.
ok so got it.i do.all laid out in one neat little hectic package.wrong.now add Type 1 Diabeties.sugar testing.insulin shots.not to mention trying to explain that the mountain dew that pretty much replaces blood for her,since she drinks so much,is bad for her.oh did i mention she smokes on top of her CF.try taking either of those two things away and you might as well cut my head off.when i do remind her of a treatment or other thing she needs to do medical wise,im greeted with a “yes mom”.grrr.but yet after some heming and hawing she does it and i take a deep breath and sigh.
now her doc is telling her shes doing the diabeties treatments for a month on a trial basis.could she have been misdiagnosed.her pancreas is bad anyway.is she headed for any type of organ failure.can her insulin hurt her.just being diagnosed we havent even done a shot yet.her sugar is staying at about 127 and was told not to do a shot until it gets over 150.six tests later and shes not even close and shes still drinking dew (not as much) but still.i am a whirlwind of questions.i dont want to bombard anyone,i hope i can find what i am looking for on here.so i think im going to slow down to about 90 miles and hour and just enjoy the sound of her sleeping next to me tonight and w ait to see what tomorrow brings.