1000 miles, 1000 kilometres

First post for 2010 and therefore traditional to include some of my ambitions for the year ahead! My main objective is to stop being so lazy and get more active – I was shocked and embarrassed to realise that I haven’t actually been out for a run since 8th December, and that was only a short one. The weather has been partly to blame, but in truth I have simply been feeling unmotivated. I need to get a couple of races sorted out for this year to give me a goal. I looked back over the past couple of years at the details of my running as recorded by my Garmin Forerunner. 2008 was quite a poor year, unsurprisingly so since I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in May that year. Because of various medications and some anomalous ECG readings I wasn’t allowed to even attempt running, or even walk very fast, for about three months after diagnosis. In total for that year I recorded a total of 190.5 miles running.

This past year I have had less of an excuse, although I have found it difficult getting used to running with diabetes, and the fact that it can no longer be as spontaneous as it was. I have to check blood sugar levels, eat, wait for an hour or two, check levels again, go for run, check again. I used to just get up, have a cup of tea and then go out – it would wake me up for the day – but now it has to be planned and there’s always the chance that my levels will be too high or two low for me to start a planned run, which can be enormously frustrating! I managed to improve on the 2008 total, but not by a huge amount, just an extra 43 miles. At one time I would have run that in a week, easily.

I have attempted to use my exercise bike on occasions, but it is very boring – I prefer to be out an about. I bought the bike to help rehabilitate myself after breaking my femur. However, that was over five years ago, and in that time I have cycled a total of 1024 kilometres.

This year, then, I aim to improve on all this, and picking a nice arbitrary figure I hope to clock 1000 miles on the Garmin and 1000 kilometres on the bike! I think this is achievable as it’s an average of just under three miles and three kilometres a day – some days I would hope to do much more.

So, this morning was today’s first effort towards my goal! But, unfortunately, there has been a very hard frost overnight, and although the day is beautiful and sunny with clear blue skies and only a whisper of wind, it is not a day for running. It isn’t that I’m too soft to run in cold weather – the run always warms you up rapidly – but the memory of broken limbs and the fear of slipping, especially on those shaded spots where the weak heat of the winter sun has yet to cast a warming glance. Instead, I wrapped myself up and went for a walk through the park, just to get some miles on the clock. Two miles, to be exact! Ah well, it’s a start – only 998 to go!

Good luck with meeting your goal. I definitely agree with you about the lack of spontaneity and running and diabetes.