12 hr fasting

why do we need to do a 12 hr fasting? ive had the d(t1) for a year and some- and ive never done a 12 hour fast.

also, i just started a pump on may 1, 2009. should i disconnect for this fast? the nurse who ordered these labs said she didnt know what i should do about my pump. soo. im a little lost haha.


What tests are you having? I’ve had different ones done (lipid profile & others) that require a 12 hour fast.

The nurse, or doctor, should call the lab to find out for you.

I’m not on a pump, but I was told to still take my basal as I always do. Not going to risk high BG for anything.

There are a number of reasons to fast for a number of different tests however for diabetics they usually want the to make sure the stomach is clear, and if there is any change in blood sugar then it is because of something your body is doing naturally, and is not because of something you have had to eat or drink.

Once again there are NUMEROUS things that simultaneously occur when you are diabetic so in terms of disconnecting your pump you will have to figure that out on your own. I am taking multiple injectins however the principle is the same. Our goal is to run the best sugars we can, in the SAFEST WAYS possible.

If you are not comfortable and think you need to eat then check your sugars and do whatever you think is necessaary to keep things SAFE and reasonable. Err on the side of caution and you can always reschedule the test if neessary. You know ALL the variables so work with them, around them and keep things in check. There is a process called gluconeogenesis which is a big word, but it is the reason EVERYONE’S sugar goes up while we sleep.

Only diabetics can actually “see” this on thier glucometer when they wake up because non diabetics have unknowingly, automatically made enough insulin to cover it. This is why you are best qualified to make the call because you know how much long acting insulin you usually have to take.

Diabetes is for the most part, an “ends justifies the means” type of thing, so do whatever you have to to make things work. Hang in, it’s not that long and stay safe!!!

Love Always
The Anonymous Diabetic.

i did a 12 hour fast, i was on my pump i didn’t have too big of a problem.

Denise, your profile states you are a pumper . I require a 12 hour fast test, when my cholesterol levels are checked ( once yearly ) . Indeed the problem is not to go low during these 12 hours, esp when asleep . I have gone through sessions, that it took me at least 3 tries ( sp ?) due to lows and had to eat. I mentioned my concern to my pump Nurse one day and she said : how about putting your basal in temp mode …80 percent of normal …it was sooo simple and I never thought of doing this . No disconnecting , please . But running a bit higher BG’s is the safest method .You are most likely allowed to drink water . I can take my other prescriptions before my test.And how about educating the Nurse ?? You should find out though , what tests are done and hopefully you get your results in print from your Doc. Do you have an order to take to the Lab ? This is for me also the time to check my glucometers ( have 2 ) against a random Lab .blood sugar . Let us know, how you made out.

You definitely should NOT disconnect from your pump. You NEED your basal, you just won’t need to bolus. I have had to do long fasts for certain medical tests. If I had a low, you need to treat it! My doctor told me to use apple juice. I reduced my basal on my pump to 90% to make lows less likely.

I did a fast once for another reason but one peace of advice is once you are into your fast for some time (or you are on a real empty stomach), you may not need as much insulin to cover a high. Since I was taking shots I was using a sliding scale and during my fast I had a BG of 230 so I took 4 units to cover it and that was way to much, Went low real quick and then it got tough to fast. 2 units would have been plenty. So that is all the words of wisdom I have for you. Good luck with your fast.

i have never fasted before an a1c test before. but i just changed endo’s and had my first a1c prescribed by him, and he had me doing a 12 hour fast. although i never even read my lab forms but i don’t eat in the morning so by the time i got to the lab at 11am i hadn’t eaten… but i did walk in with a starbucks coffee and that had milk in it… And was immediately reprimanded by the lab techs for it. later when i asked a doctor they said something liek that does not really matter. juices or drinking is not really an issue, it’s any whole foods that create more problems with the tests.

I see my endo next week, and i’m sure the lab techs made note of my coffee, so i’ll have to see what he says about it.

No need to fast for an A1c, but for other tests fasting is needed to get accurate values.

it wasn’t just a1c. my endo is also an internist and did a myriad of different tests.

That makes sense. When you said you never fasted before an A1c before, I was wondering.

No need for multiple takes or redo’s if your BG goes low, just take glucose/dextrose tabs enough to cover the low and get you back to normal. This has next to no impact on lipid/cholesterol tests. Most other tests don’t require fasting, such as CBC or A1C.

I used to worry about this and keep delaying my tests day after day when I woke up without my BG perfect, then I found out that it’s an unnecessary worry. You can take insulin as a correction dose if you’re too high as well, it won’t affect the test.

Of course it might affect a fasting BG test, which my doctor sometimes throws in so I can check my meter calibration against lab results, but then you really want your BG correct… in this case if you take insulin to correct then for 4 hours your numbers will be changing enough that your meter won’t match the lab results… kind of invalidates the reason for the test.

Hi Jeff, I drank TEA ( plain) and was sent home for a re-do ; I should have known better …I am sticking to my protocol of lowering my basal for a 12 hour fasting , when I have my chol test. No glucose added for me .

i was told that i am supposed to fast for a1c’s too by the lab people when i told them that i had never fasted for any of my testing.

Ok, yeah, there’s a difference between what actually does affect your results and what the tech at the testing lab thinks.

When they ask if you’ve been fasting, I say yes and don’t elaborate. When seeing the results my doctor gets in the report, I conclude it makes no difference. Just my experience, but of course do what you feel most comfortable with. For a type 1, though, correcting a low if far more important than any inaccuracy in the test which is why I use glucose tabs to correct it.

I generally don’t eat between say 7PM and 7AM so the “fasting” isn’t hard, but the hard part for me is to go out to the lab without breakfast, especially if I am on the low side.

My endo does A1c in his office & no fasting needed.