12 weeks throwing up and losing weight.Help

Hello everyone,

Some of you may know others may not but I am pregnant so now instead of being known as just type 1 diabetic I have upgraded to pregnant type 1 diabetic, find it funny everytime they say it for some reason.
Well just needed some information I am now 12 weeks and on tuesday had an appointment informed the doctor I was feeling very sick after eating and could not keep anything down the day before,guess what he told me the name but its was some fancy long name that happens with diabetics at 12 weeks where they throw up.He said they might have to keep me in or give me some tablets they gave me the tablets and sent me on my way first day felt sick at night took a tablet everything was fine but today its all gone down hill,been sick this morning and now eating small bits here and there but feel like just getting it out again.Just tired,lack of energy.


I was very sick during my pregnancies and was prescribed “Diclectin” (not sure if I spelled it right). I went from throwing up 3 times per day to about 3 times per week once I started taking it. I had to go up to 2 pills 3 times a day, but it worked. Nausea is very common and as horrible as it seems now, it will get better and you’ll make it through.

There isn’t much else I can tell you, because I found that the things they said to do, like eat soda crackers, didn’t work for me. Just avoid eating and drinking acidy things because I found the heartburn lead me to throw up more.

Someone recommended, early on, that I keep some real ginger ale in the house. I mean, the kind that is both sugary and made with real ginger. Ginger and carbonation help settle the stomach, and the sugar can replace any carbs you lose after throwing up so you don’t go low. I only had to do that once, but I was thankful for it. I threw up immediately after eating breakfast, and i had been feeling fine so I’d bolused well before hand. I wasn’t at all confident I could eat enough carbs without throwing up again, so I just poured myself enough ginger ale to replace the carbs in my breakfast and sipped it while I got ready for work. No problem at all. I kept it down and felt better.

Oh thank you Kelly and lizzistardust will try anything if it will help its just such a nasty feeling.
Glad your both ok.xxx