14-day Freestyle Libre

For the second time in a few months, my new sensor gave me a reading 1 hour after insertion, then made me wait another 11 hours for another reading. Instead of giving me a reading, every time I tried, it kept going me a message, "Sensor not available. Try again in # hours or, finally, in # minutes. Has anyone else had this issue?

I did once. I called Abbot and they replaced it.

Me too. Abbott was great about sending a replacement. They told me that if you get that message a few times in a row it is probably a faulty sensor.

Both times, my sensor worked fine after 12 hours. Wait!. I take that back. I felt a little low, so I scanned my sensor. 41 was the reading. I didn’t feel THAT low. So, I did a fingerstick test. 69!!!
Called Abbott, and discovered that there was a long list of error codes in my scanner’s event log, and the sensor had been transmitting inaccurate readings all along.