14 Things I Love and Respect, a short list

I have a soft spot in my heart for many things, these are some of my favorite.

  1. kids
  2. red-heads
  3. freckles
  4. homemade chocolate chip cookies
  5. firefighters
  6. kids who have respect for their elders
  7. parents who have the utmost respect for being parents
  8. pro athletes who give back in a big way
  9. people who have been given crappy hands, and make more than the most of it
  10. female athletes who can be really girly
  11. independent, smart women
  12. people who live their lives with passion
  13. athletes who are really, really gifted, yet work harder than any of their teammates
  14. people who have been really hurt in love, yet come back and are not afraid to totally open up themselves to the possibility that love will find them again.