15 second video testimonial winner!

The winner for the 15 second video testimonial is Fabiana Couto


Thank you for all the submissions and votes!

Congratulations, Fabi! Your warmth and caring really came through in your video!

Congratulations My Little Sweetie Pie. You are just amazing!!

Oh Zoe, Thank You so much for your kind words! :slight_smile: I miss our group… have been so busy and out of town the past months, I really want to join u gals next time! Looking forward to it.

Hehe, i love the “little sweet pie” thing… Thanks, beautiful!

Oh good. We’ll see you soon!

Great video Fabiana!

Congrats! Fabulous Fabiana’s fabulous video.

Nice Work Fabiana and Congratulaions. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dear Kelly :slight_smile:

Haha, Thank you Gerri. Its SO sweet of you!!

Thank You, Terrie!!! =) Its very nice getting your feedback