18 days left

So in 18 more days it will be 11 years of beong diabetic ( yes ik i was diagnosed in 2002 but it was the begining of the year so i count it as a full year ) any idea on if i should celebrate it?

You should have your favorite meal it this is waht you like to do, or go to the movies with your friends, or do something exceptionnal in the name of diabetes...I always celebrate my diabetes anniversary. :-)

110 pushups, 10 for every year? Maybe in a few sets?

At the Tae Kwon Do school I used to work out at, a lot of the teachers would sort of use pushups as "punishment" or "incentive", like if the class was droopy or didn't jump up enough. One of my favorite teachers (who I think has post-type G T2 these days...) instead would say stuff like "that was a great class, let's do 40 celebration pushups!" since, after all, we were taking the class to exercise, why not do *more* exercise to celebrate!

Hey, if you do it Anna, I'll do it too, who else wants to join in!?!

haha ok. if i figure out why i cant download videos on here ill record it. if im still not on crutches

I agree with Belen. I celebreat my anniversy every year by doing just that. In August it will be my 39th year of having D.Have fun with ur day Anna!

I will also celebrate my 11 year anniversary this month, March 26th. However, I'm as clueless as you are as to what I should do to celebrate.

you were diagnosed only 4 days after me. we will have to think of an idea and share it with eachothrt

Yes we should!

I've had diabetes for 30 years; sometime next month will make 31 years ... I don't even know what the exact day is. I'm not bitter about it, but I've never celebrated it either. I just never had a reason to.

One day in the last eleven months, though, I did the math and realized I had made it through 30 years. I confess to being a little proud of that.

push ups push ups *clap-clap-clapclapclap*


I will really be 30 years this July but I've been proudly proclaiming "30 years" for many months already :-).

Hi Anna, Congratulations!

One thing you could consider is to really appreciate yourself for all you have done to keep yourself healthy--every finger stick, every shot, every time you didn't eat something you might have wanted to, and everything else you've done for your health. It's really something to be proud of!

Enjoy your day today--and that day, too!

Best wishes,


I do the same thing Marty does but I take it one step further. This past January I passed the 18 year mark and decided to crunch some numbers. For me, Id done 18,980 shots over the first 13 years (I've been pumping for 5 years) and about 45,990 finger sticks over the total 18 years. More graphically that is somewhere in the neighborhood of 733 feet of cold sharp steel I've shoved into my body in the name of trying to stay healthy.

Having seen those numbers I celebrate by doing something I might not be able to do if my complications were worse. I go for a stroll and enjoy being outside. I might take in some beautiful sights that I might miss if my vision went. In other words, I celebrate what I have and pat myself on the back for doing as well as I have with this challenging ogre that is never far away.