19 weeks pregnant and now I have the flu!

I am not the type to normally get sick, but yesterday I woke up from a nap feeling awful. As the day progressed I felt worse. Fever that spiked to 103.1, and body aches and chills. Just had zero energy. Was going to try and tough it out since we have family Christmas things tonight and tomorrow, but then started having some weird stomach cramps that scared me. Needless to say that was enough to make me go to the er. There I tested positive for the flu and was pretty dehydrated. Home now to rest with medicine and suppose to be drinking fluids. Everything with baby D checked out fine, and tomorrow is the day we find out what our precious little one is. No matter how sick I am, I am still overwhelmed with excitement with our little present. Now, anyone have any tips on how to feel somewhat better? I mean obviously I am taking the meds, but my lower stomach just still feels, well like it hurts. Almost a stretching or a pulling pain. Especially when I sneeze there is like a lightning bolt pain. Everything checked out with the baby good, so that's why I am just confused. Didn't know if it could be like stretching pains or something since I do seem to be growing every day it seems. Thank you in advance for your advice.