1st 24 hours on the pump

Well,I've gone past my first 24 hours on the insulin pump. Love It! Took a little getting use to it but things are working out. Slept little restless overnight. Every time I turn on my side, my hip bone would find the pump, thus waking me up. Plus, the trainer had me wake up about 4 hours in to check my blood sugar. Overall, my numbers are looking good. Now I don't feel like I should be afraid to eat food like I was before.

Goodluck with your new pump! Pumping takes 3-4 months before you get all dialed in and really feel comfortable with all aspects of it.
I just clip my pump to the front of my shorts in bed, that way I don't roll on it. This only works if you don't sleep on your stomach.

Congrats on the pump. Give it time and it will all be second nature to you. I have an elastic belt with a pouch for my pump. You can position it wherever it is comfortable and for me is never a problem while sleeping. I keep mine in front of me because I am a side/back sleeper.