1st Occlusion

I’ve gone from 12-2008 until today without an alarm going off for an occlusion. This afternoon I started hearing this ‘horrible’ loud, high pitched, buzzing sound. Just for the record, I’m hearing impaired and if I heard it, anyone can hear it. Anyway, my husband had just left for work and this ‘noise’ bothered me so much because I could not detect which direction it was coming from because of my lack of hearing. So I called him, asked him to return home to help me…imagine my chagrin when he walked into the house, looked around a little bit and said “it is your pod” :frowning: :frowning: I’m so embarrassed!!! Plus I really feel stupid!!!

I’m sorry that this happened to you. :frowning:

Just one more reason that it would make TONS of sense to have a “vibrate” option for the PDM and pods – similar to cell phones.


I’m not sure I’d want my pod vibrating unless they made then cannula a bit longer. It’d be no help to have the pod vibrate to alert me to a problem or give me a reminder and have the cannula fall out while it was shaking. I guess if the pod’s stopped working anyway it would be ok but if it’s still working I don’t want it moving more than it already does!

My daughter had this happen at Freshman Orientation. She was staying in a dorm with one other student and they woke up to this buzzing noise, they couldn’t figure it out and then the other student left and finally she realized her pod doing it! Hopefully this doesn’t happen to often with her real roommate!

The thing that we have to figure out is out how change the alarms - it will wake her up at 5am telling her that she needs to change her pod at 10pm! We definitely have to read the manual more before she leaves or her roommate is not going to like that either.