1st "string" of bad pods

My son has had a great experience w/ Pods so far…until recently. Either we have a bad “box” like some of you have mentioned …or activity is causing it? Over the summer when active on vacation he had some fails… and now… that he has to take gym class as a senior to graduate…he is having a string of them during the lunch bolus but just after gym. Has anyone noticed this happen… the more it “jiggles” the more they have fails? Just wondering. Hints? Pointers??? Ideas?? All will be appreciated. Love the pods… but not loving the recent fails.

Sorry to hear that. It makes sense that it couldhave problems after gym, as all other devices with insertion sites, but I don’t know for sure.

Maybe the smaller pods will be better cuz they will jiggle less???

He is gonna change gym to the last period of the day if he can…he would rather do pod changes at home than in the middle of his day…plus if we change times and it happens “later” we can tell if that is the cause… maybe.

That also makes sense, due to its smaller height and weight. I also think a larger adhesive patch would help.

Yes…that would be great too!

What I am finding is that when I am low on insulin and bolus or my basal rate is high, I get Pod errors and occlusions. Was low this morning and was awakened by that loud alarming ring. My basal was high due to an allergic reaction 2 days ago. Put on a new one and am now good to go. I love this thing!!