1st time user of Omnipod Pump

I have been a long time type 1, 48years and counting. Ever since the pump appeared on the scene, I have been approached by my doctors about them. I kept refusing a pump, as I did not want to be tethered with tubing. Finally this past summer I was introduced to the OmniPod and guess what. It really changed my thinking. Early December I went on the OmniPod, it has been about 6 weeks, still being fined tuned but I love it and so does my husband! Insurance does cover it but also found out when you do go on Medicare, they will not, because it is an new idea, 6 - 8 yrs does not count as new in my book. I have a few years yet and hopefully Medcare will cover it.

So glad it has worked so well for you, Marti. The Opod is the only pump I really considered also. Once you get over having a half a kiwi stuck to you, and that happened quickly for me, the benefits are many. I have new insurance and there is a large deductible I must meet for the pods…oh well. I am commited to the Pod! Hope it continues to go well for you and here’s hoping the next few years changes things, Medicare-wise.

Thank you!!! I have had some issue with the POD especially with the day I change to a new POD. Within hours, I have notice that my BS were rising and after talking with an educator at my doctor’s office I realized I was not getting enough insulin and had to change to a 2nd POD. This has happened 4 times since I have changed to the Pump.
Yesterday was the day to change and I did, but within seconds an alarm sounded that an occlusion had happened! My husband and I guessed what was the problem so took this POD off and replaced with another Pod. It is a learning session but we are catching on. Still belive the pump is the way to go. I was doing 5 -6 injections dailey so it had become a no brainer, one tiny pin prick every 3 days or so!!!

A number of times I’ve found my sugars rising shortly after switching pods. I believe this is because I allow most pods to run to empty, when the alarm sounds. My doctor tells me for most pumps this is actually a few units past empty and I’ve seen that (been able to give myself 8-10 units when the pdm said there were only 5 left. I’ve found that changing before the pod runs out and immediately bolusing with 2 units when I put the new pod on significantly decrease the number of post-change highs.

I find that is not the problem…lack of insulin in POD when I switch, I take very little basal/bolus compared to quite a few people. I fill the new POD with 125 units and generally throw away20 - 30 units each change. OmniPod people feel that the canula does not go all the way in sometimes. It is a constantly learning session. But thanks for the suggestion.

I have let the pod go the full 8 hours over the expiration and I have let the Pod run dry more than a few times…neither have resulted in higher #'s after changing to a new pod. For me, higher numbers seem to be site related. I sometimes have a bit of redness or inflammation at the site, sometimes due to being bumped, and that tells me to change the pod. (Blood is a good sign.) A number of people here say that they will have higher #'s after placing a new Pod unless they bolus a fair amount when they first place it. I try to time a change when I will need to bolus for food and have not had a problem. Marti, maybe instead of changing to another pod, just try a boost of insulin when you place it as Rebecca does, experimenting with an amount (2 units would be too much for me.)

I have also experience a rise in the BS after I change my pods. Someone posted out here that they give themselves a couple of extra units of insulin when they first change. So I started doing the same and it seems to help. I use to increase my basal rate and keep checking but then around 11 PM I would wake up with low BS. If you change early enough in the day you can keep an eye out on your BS to make sure your not going too low with the extra insulin.

Thank you all for your imput. We are finding that the canula is not insert properly which causes my BG to rise. So,I need to change POD. This has happened only 4 times since I went on the pump last December. I also give myself .1 unit of bolus to make sure that my system is receiving the bolus. I do change just before meals to make sure and not in the evening.

Sounds like you’ve got it under control, Marti. Good luck…keep us posted.