2 appointments today


Well we had the assessment for a pump for my husband today. We met a nurse at the diabetes clinic in Fredericton and found out that Dennis still has to get an appointment with the endocrinologist in order to get a pump. Hopefully due to the hypoglycemic episode he had while there, he will get an appointment soon.

The nurse said she thinks Dennis is having lows in the night and his liver is kicking out sugar and then he is rebounding in the morning so we will start checking at night for a while (not a problem because I check David every night anyway. We have had so many lows lately in both of them, but at least David can let me know, Dennis is so unaware.

The nurse said that we have to get Den's sugars under control before going on the pump. So we are going to change to lantus and humulog from N and R. Finally! I hope it goes pretty smoothly. I don't know if I can handle the attitude that will occur if we have a lot of highs...

Good news for David at his appointment with Swamy. I stated how much I want to be able to get smaller doses for David so I can keep him out of the 20s. I am getting tired of his crankiness and mood swings when he is high. I know he doesn't feel good when his glucose level is so high. Swamy said we will get diluted insulin. We will have to have it made in a town an hour or so away and Purolated here, but I can't wait to be able to give him .2 units....

Still am struggling to lose weight. Been with my family on vacation so Davids levels have been higher and I have been eating more.

I know others feel this tiredness to the bone that I feel and I don't even have type 1. Caring for 2 of them and trying to take care of yourself is wearing me out. I wish I could snap my fingers and make myself healthy. I don't have the energy to do anything other than what has to be done.

I really don't want diabetes to control my life or my h or s's lives, but it seems to be all I think about lately and all I talk about. My poor family and friends. Will this all wear off? I hope so.


I’m glad to hear that you’ll be getting diluted insulin! Good luck with the pump for hubby.