2 hand 2 feet andf I still fall over

Watched an Horizon television programme last night all about Black holes every Galaxy has one in the centre of it and surprisingly black holes are not really black when they feed they are the brightest things in the Universe if I understood it correctly what has this to do with diabetes well it just goes to show how insignificant our problems are it is a matter of life and death to us but in the scheme of things no one blinks an eye this year a gas cloud is passing by a black hole and the World waits in bated breath to see what happens next, it would seem it feeds then spews out the materials building blocks of life and we could well we did emerge from this material meanwhile back here in the Shire all three cats are busy cleaning themselves brieni just hissed at smudge as she passed by her smudge just looked at her as if to say grow up we all live here.
Not too warm at the moment although the sky is getting brighter and more birds chirping away Angel is awakening soon be off to work makes me laugh brieni and jimbob both sitting looking outside watching each other to see who wonders out first funny things moggies,I suppose milk will be the next thing to go on my list then the coffee itself is there no mercy in the quest to be leaner fitter more jolly than I am our daughter who lives in the USA phoned us last night not seen her in over 10 years yet I have a son who lives 5 miles away and wants nothing to do with me or mom.
Here she comes dusted down her wings combed her halo hi love how are you today a kiss peck on the cheek a farewell wave and no Angel for 10 hours
life can be cruel at times keeping us apart