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  1. I was reading a blog this morning and the writer was wondering why she was having so much “new” trouble with pizza. Most of the comments were helpful suggestions, however one was very critical of the author for eating pizza, saying she was out of control. I thought the idea of a community is to help each other, not judge. I was really mad that someone who (supposedly) understands this disease would be so harsh on someone for making her own choices. Self-loathing/guilt by the commenter is the only explanation I can imagine.
  2. I went to NYC to visit an old friend this weekend. This trip was originally planned for the week before I was diagnosed, but I was feeling so tired and gross that I canceled. We have know each other since we were 11 and were college roommates for a semester so we have always been pretty close. She also has a chronic disease, so we are closer now, especially when it comes to that stuff. She was diagnosed at 14, so she is an old pro at having the “disease management background music” in her head. It was very nice to have a friend who checks her purse for her meds/supplies on her way out the door, too. When we talk about our future children, we both know that our bodies will determine the number of biological children, more than for many people. When one of us needed a quick break, the other was not impatient.
    I also got to see so much of the city. She was a great tour guide; we covered 3 boroughs, The Met, Central Park, nearly every mode of public transport- trams, taxis, boats, subway- and we were still able to squeeze in the X-Files movie (disappointing to old x-philes like us) as well. I also took my first US train ride. Highly recommended. So much more comfortable than the bus, so much less hassle than a plane, especially when carrying the obligatory supplies.

I COMPLETELY share your frustration about point 1… I’m “idodiabetes” just for reference :slight_smile:

As if diabetes wasn’t enough to deal with, I can’t understand why we would need to make insensitive comments to each other!

I’m glad that you had a good trip and good friend time!!

  1. Something for us all to keep in mind.
  2. Don’t you love NY? Glad you had a fun visit with an old friend…so good for one!