2 years

Monday, May 19th will be my 2nd Diaversary. I am celebrating it by having a "normal" Monday complete with work, running with co-workers and some students after work (if the rain holds off) and going to a 3 hour fiddle practice. I know it doesn't sound like much but it is nice to have be able to have a "normal" day :-) Cheers to all of you who work hard everyday to not let D kick you in the butt so you can have a "normal" day as well.

Happy Diaversary BagPipeGirl. It is a blessing when we can just have a normal day.

Happy Diaversary!! I celebrated mine a week ago :)

Happy Diaversary BPG!!!!!!!!!

Happy Diaversary!!!

Well happy anniversary, I guess...never thought of such a discovery as anniversary material...but alas I must remind myself that a diagnosis is but a beginning!

On a separate note...any CGM update?

Thank you every one. John the cgm is going fairly well had a couple of off readings however over all I really like it. The alarms have woken me up before any lows have got down into the 40's like I used to have before cgm's. Today I was without a sensor going when I was out for a run and I ended up having a low which I didn't feel until it got down to 40...... Over all 2 thumbs up.