20,000 members: what is your word for it?

TuDiabetes = Haven

Diabetes = Grateful (Having Diabetes has made me grateful, not taking anything for granted)

20,000…that’s a Huge number. Congratulations to the entire TuD Community!!

TuDiabetes: Empowerment

Dotage, no Judith, no dotage.

Never-ending-task. I was actually looking for the translation of the german “Sisyphusarbeit” (which is only one word), but it seems “Sisyphean labor/task” is not a commonly used expression?

mirror, TuDiabetes allows me to look into a mirror and see myself in others.

I love the quilt. My daughter was diagnosed at 4 years old she is now six. If you would’ve asked me then my word would’ve been overwhelmed! Now my word is inspired. My daughter inspires me everyday to be a better person. She deals with this disease like it’s nobody’s business.(no I’m not proud at all)


LIFELINE. That is what TuDiabetes is for me. Whether I need answers to the mundane questions related to D management or support in dealing with the emotional side of D, this is now the first place I come to for help. Having so many other PWD available to answer questions or offer support is invaluable.

Diabetes: Suck
TuD: encouragement

Diabetes: Distraction… no matter what, it seems to meddle in everything that I try to do. It doesn’t stop me, but is always involved somehow.

Tu: Tolerance… it may seem like a weak word at first, but it applies in more ways than one. The support here helps me to tolerate, and live with the constant distraction of diabetes. Also, the community here doesn’t judge (you can’t do this because…) and doesn’t make awkward accommodations (“look! I made a ‘special’ dessert just for you: sugar-free Jello! Aren’t I wonderful?”). We just understand, accept, advise, and at times we agree to disagree. We are tolerant of each other without being patronizing or judgmental.

My word would be “Life”. It has taught me about life. It affects my life. It is my life.

the back has my label and date, and a special dedication to our most special TuDiabetes member Saundra Barragan. Sandy would have LOVED this project. I know the reason why everything came out so well was that she was helping me every step of the way. Sometimes I miss her so very much.


my word would be: support


Congrats, Manny! This is an awesome milestone!

I think “mirror” is a great one, Kathy! It reinforces the fact that we’re not alone in our struggles.



Diabetes: Difficult, but do-able
TuD: Encouraging

V i R a L !