20,000 members: what is your word for it?

I was very honored to be asked to have my word put on the quilt. DETERMINED I am determined to deal with this disease the best that I can. Not to feel guilty or depressed, but to be determined to succeed in having a healthy life as best I can.
Tu- friendship and family I think of the people on this site as my second family. If I can do anything to help people or to support them when they are feeling low, then I am happy.

My gift

Sandy How missed she is by me and I really wish everybody here knew her. She could do wonders when anyone here was down and like you said Debb “even when she was in so much pain herself” She was an AWESOME LADY!!!

diabetes has meant heartache foe me.

TUDiabetes has meant balm for my soul.


My word about my son’s diabetes after two years would be “Challenge” a constant challenge to keep his blood glucose in range and his pump settings optimal. My word about TuDiabetes is “Hopeful” we are hopeful that with so many people facing the same challenges day to day there will be a cure soon!


My word (on the quilt) for diabetes is “vulnerable,” but my word for TuDiabetes the community is - without a doubt - “HOME.”

Congratulations, you wonderful old social network. I can’t believe you’re 20,000 strong (and growing)!

How many of this 20,000 are relatively active members?

How appropriate that the quilt was completed right in time with hitting the 200000+ mark. My word for what TuDiabetes means to me is Empowerment – in that it is a source of support, hope, possibilities, and community. My word for hitting 20,000 – WooHoo! My word on the quilt is Courage.

I was so honored to be included in this quilt. Marie is a fabulous quilter with a BIG heart. THANKS to her for her enduring efforts; and Thanks to Tudiabetes for being an outlet, a source of support, and an information-bearer for 20,000 members!!
My word was “Faith”; and I continue to have faith that Tudiabetes will grow in scope, influence, and membership.

Like Robyn, I am also “Grateful”:Thanks to you Manny, site administrators and to ALL who have helped the sun to shine at this most special site.

God Bless,


Awesome news!!!

My word on the hand is “managing” because diabetes is not easy, but somehow we do manage. TuDiabetes has been my greatest support in this!!


Diabetis = Tenacious

Tudiabetis = amalgamation

Tud:acceptance (because everyone here is going through the same thing)
Diabetes:Real (because you know your friends are real friends when even though they are scared of needles they want to help you. i have a feeling that it will change when i have had diabetes for longer, expecually when i haven’t had a lot of the issues others have had yet. at least not that i noticed) Though i also like jeska’s Metamorphosis for diabetes. And jrtpup kinship for this site

This portal provides a wonderful community of people touched by a similar disease and other related illnesses. I see 20,000 memebrs + now in this community, although its a good thing to have more people sharing ideas over this portal, however i wish, as i believe all of us do, that the number of members would start going down with a cure found for this disease.

Best of health for all. As for one word to describe diabetes: B****

Love the site and the Facebook page, plenty of diabetes information shared, thanks heaps.