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This board “Omnipod Users”, now has 200 members.
I am so glad I found you all (I live in Florida now so I can say “you all”).
This is one of the Best message boards I have ever been on.
One of the most helpful for sure.
Thank you all so much.
And “Welcome” to anyone newer than me.


Susan, what part of Florida are you in? I live in Tampa and have been curious how many other 'Podders are nearby. My first month on the 'Pod I saw a little girl wearing one at the park where my son was playing, but other than that I’ve not encountered anyone else from this area.


I am on the “Other Coast” - in Coral Springs - about a half hour north of Fort Lauderdale.
I have yet to meet another Podder - but my trainer promised to have a party for all of her Trainees.
I hope she does, as it would be most interesting to share info.


I live in Florida now so I can say “you all”…Indeed you can. But from the time I’ve spent in Texas & Georgia…shouldnt it be y’all ?
I too am glad to see the increase in POD membership. I just started about a week ago.

No, not “y’all” unless you live in certain parts of Florida. Florida is not The South (well, not most of it anyway). :slight_smile:

Didn’t it used to be until all the northeners moved down there? :wink:

OK - y’all - Fuggeddaboutit!!!


We our group is growing! Pretty exciting:) I am from Missouri and there it’s y’all:)

Born and raised in South Misssissippi.

It is “y’all”

Hello Y’all,
I live in Orlando and last night I just became a certified OmniPod Trainer. I have been training people to use the minimed and cozmo for years but I think I’m in love with the OmniPod.

Congrats Diana. Sounds like you’re excited - here’s hoping you love it as much as you think you will. I find the OmniPod very easy to use.