2011 Carlsbad Half Marathon

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Oh! Now I recognize you! It was great to meet you in real life at the banquet.

Wow! That’s awesome!! I will be visiting my in laws at the end of March and am doing another 1/2 in April so I’ll be looking to run a lot out there. They are kind of along the second or third ridge of hills, not too far from where you guys ran up and turned around looking at the root. Your form looks great Terry!

Thanks, acid, but that’s not ME! I’m the one who took the picture! LOL!

I KNEW that name was familiar! Great to shake your hand, Jerry!

That one guy in the grey shirt looked like he is reading some Chi Running and could perhaps have been you although it’s hard to tell his hair from the background and that other person?

Is that right at the turnaround there at the top of that hill on that one road? I think we hike around in the scrub along the bottom of that hill sometimes as their house is just beyond it. Although it could be just about anywhere there?

Yeah, it’s right there by that place.

wow that’s really weird w/ your sugars. great race!