2013 Good Riddance...No....No, Not Quite

So. I was about to post only this: Good Riddance 2013.

But, as I have disciplined myself to do (especially after 10PM!), I paused before I hit Enter. And suddenly, I saw a few wonderful things amidst the year-long pain of stupid injuries and limited mobility:

In July, our beloved colleague, Ray Terrill, came to visit from Minneapolis and we asked old dancer friends to gather in our new fire circle for wine and munchies. A moving re-connect with old friends.

The endless, invasive sewer dig in our front yard from June through mid-August ended and we did a day trip to Tillamook for a Storm Experience on the coast---primal and exhilarating. And then we found a couple new routes to St Helen's to view the blast zone---never fails to move me to silence and tears. And finally, a magnificent off-season drive to gorgeous Timothy Lake where only one access was still open (the boat ramp for fishermen) and we bundled up to picnic and walk the shore.

I totally nailed my lo-carb turkey stuffing made with Wasas---been working on that for 6 years. This year it was flawless!

And finally—Our kids were here from 12/30-1/1 and back again 1/4 for a day. They are doing a ski trip to Whistler in BC. We had so much fun and Lisa and Tina and Addy were very considerate and kind about how hard it is for me to get around---we still managed to shop fantabulously at Finnegan's toys and Powell's books!

Okay---Made it through 2013. And like every year, there are good memories along with the bad!.....Blessings to all in the new year...

Judith, I wish you nor I nor any of us had these darn mobility issues. You knwo I have had RA for 15 years and I have yet to ever accept it. I recently told someone that if I had to chose diabetes or RA, I woudl take Diabetes hands down. i dont knwo for sure, but I bet Terrie would agree.

i understand what is means to have kids slow down to accommodate us. I followed my oldest through a mall losing ground with each step, sucking breath with each two steps and hurting more and more. He finished one whole wing of the mall ahead of me.

It is not his fault he is not around me enough to know the limits and you know men and their demonstrations of physical competition. Well he smoked me that day. I probably smoked him at some point when he was growing up, so I probably got what I deserved. Still it was a tough day of playing catch up. A race i barley finished and one I will never win again, if I ever did in the first place.