2018 T1International Out-of-Pocket Cost Survey

In 2016, T1International carried out their first global out of pocket cost survey for people with type 1 diabetes. We asked respondents to answer questions regarding insulin utilization, insulin delivery methods, out-of-pocket costs for insulin, test strips and other diabetes management tools.

In 2018, T1International improved the survey, learning more about out of pocket costs and the situation for people with type 1 diabetes around the world.


Congratulations are in order: we just barely edged out Ecuador for highest out of pocket costs worldwide. In your face, Ecuador! USA! USA! USA!

Does make me curious why Ecuador is so bad too.


Yea, whats up with Ecuador?!??!
I wondered that, too

I won’t take the survey because I hate that slang “out of pocket” stupid and irritating to me. Personal costs, one less word and not so stupid sounding.

Ecuador? Time for some clicking and reading and less typing, what is this about ?