22 boxes of expired BD Test strips

I was cleaning out my closet today, and uncovered 22 (!) boxes of BD Test strips, 50 strips per box. The expiration date is November 2008. Personally, I stopped using BD meters awhile ago, and don’t plan to use them, but I know this adds up to a lot of money. Perhaps someone who is going through some difficult times financially can use them? I don’t know if it’s even “ethical” to offer expired strips, but I have to believe that a not-entirely-reliable-BG-test is better than no-test-at-all (it’s not like it’s expired medicine). I’ve also got two meters – admittedly used – but they’re available as well.

I just can’t, in good conscience, throw them in the trash when I believe they may be of help to somebody. If you think you can use them, please reply here or send me a message privately. Since they’re expired, I don’t recommend them or someone looking to save a few bucks, but think it could be helpful for someone who doesn’t even have a few bucks to save.

if no one here can use them, ask your local shelter if they want them. I did that. I had a bunch of expired accu chek strips and they took them to hand out to the homeless that needed them, they didnt take my meter, they gave new ones out.

you can also donate them on several different websites just google donate test supplies :slight_smile:

do you steel have them

I found BD meters to be the worst and most inaccurate meter that I ever used. Whether it was the meters or the strips I don’t know. But if it were me, I’d toss them. They are almost 5 years past their expiration. Plus, do they even make BD meters anymore? Since Nova Max purchased the BD meter business (I think), maybe the BD strips work with those meters.

22 boxes? You really need to clean more often.

You need to thrown them out, they are expired. That s*cks, but they are unreliable.

When I read this, I realized I didn't really know how test strips work. I suspected that they just sucked up the blood for the meter, but I was wrong! I found this page if you're interested.

on the subject of expired test strips...check to see if they are indeed still accurate...use a non expried strip and an expired strip with your bg's and see if these expiration dates are even neccessary. or are they just a ruse to have us buying more crap?

on the subject of passing expired products on to the homeless...when you have deemed these products unrealiable or unworthy of personal use. really?

Guys, I posted this nearly three years ago. I don’t remember how I got to have such a large supply, but no, I don’t still have them; and I haven’t had them for a really long time.

I agree with Lathump about the meter’s (in)accuracy. That’s probably the reason I never gave the Novamax meter a chance; I suspect it’s the same old POS with a new paint job. Tis a shame, because they’re smaller and need less blood than the OneTouch Ultralink.

I'm also in agreement about the BD meter's accuracy. What's surprising to me, is that the two Novamax meters I have don't seem to have the problem.

I thought the Novamax was just the BD meter which had been re-packaged, but it seems my Novamax (both the regular one and the Novamax Link) appear to be very consistent with my OneTouch meters. That certainly wasn't true of the BD meters.


I didn't even look at the post date! That post is even more expired than the strips ever were.