24/7 help

Isn’t there someplace I can call to get 24/7 support for diabetes? Thanks!

I could use some advice right now but can’t get a hold of my doctor.

If your doc is an endo, she/he should have an all call doc/ a tel # to call for emergencies.. even minor emergencies. Can you do that?

Mine have an on call# like meee suggested but I've never used it.

If you have a particular question, you might do pretty well asking here as there's members from around the world here so some folks in Australia, the Phillipines, etc. may be ready for action when the US are going to bed and folks in Europe are already at lunchtime when we're waking up.

Indeed, 24/7 coverage on TU!

If you have Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance, they have a 24 hour nurse line you can call. Never called with a D problems, but the two times we called, they were spot on with their advice.