24 Hour Fitness

Today me and my aunt went to a nearby 24 Hour Fitness center. I had never been in a fitness center before, just seen them on TV and movies. I was amazed at all the different work apparatus. I never knew that getting fit took so many machines. I always just went running and did some calisthenics. The place was so nice looking and so many different things to do I wanted to join right away. My aunt talked me into just taking the 7 day free trial pass to make sure I liked it. So I have 7 days of free workouts. They showed me around and showed me the locker room and everything. The fitness center is close enough so I can get there on a bike so I won’t have to wait for my aunt to drive me.

After we left, we went to Lucy’s, sports wear store. I told the lady I wanted everything I would need to work out at a fitness center. First she showed me those skin tight leotard type outfits. I told her no way would I wear those, I’m real skinny and I’d look like a stick figure in those. So she showed me some capri pants and tank tops. I got 2 each of those, a pair of cross trainer shoes, 2 sports bras and some socks. I charged it all to my dads credit card because it was his idea for me to go the fitness center. I’m all set for tomorrow and my first workout. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ve currently started exercising to, check out the group fitness classes. Try turbo kick it’s great.

How do I find that group, fitness classes?

Joining a gym is a great move. Most have regularly scheduled fitness classes, ask at front desk, I am sure there is a schedule. If you like to dance, something like zumba might work out well. Also, don’t take this personally, but you need to be aware that a hot young girl walking around the gym floor does get hit on. Taking a class can be a good way to avoid all that cr*p. Then, when you feel more comfortable you can move out onto the floor.

Most classes are free and are drop in, you just arrive at the start time. There is a leader who will pace you through the moves. If you attend them regularly, you will see the same people over and over again. Many people find that they make friends this way, often you will find a real diversity of people in the classes. Most classes are dominated by women, that is just the way it is. Most of the classes scale in difficulty, so if you are just starting, you can go a low intensity and then as you get fitter, you can go high intensity, higher weights, more difficulty. I hope it works out.

ps. And you were right to avoid skin tight stuff, I’d even suggest wearing old painting clothes.

My fitness center has a web site with videos of all the different classes. There also a schedule of the classes. Zumba looks like fun. There is a class tomorrow evening, I may try to attend.

I’m used to getting hit on, at college it happened all the time. It never happen much at home, the men here seem to go for asian women while at home over half the women were asian. Brushing them off without being rude is hard for me, sometimes I end up feeling bad about it.

I’ll be leaving for the center in a few minutes, I’m going to try to get in a yoga class. I’ve always wanted to try yoga and I don’t know much about it.

I went to a yoga fitness class today. I’ve never done Yoga before, it was different. I didn’t realize how inflexible I was, I had a hard time doing some of the postures. The yoga instructor suggested I go to the Pilates gym classes and the dancing classes. There is a pilates class Saturday morning and I signed up for it.

After the yoga class I got on a tread mill and jogged for 20 minutes. It’s a good thing my aunt was picking me up because I was too tired to ride a bike home. Last year in high school I was running the 1000 meter, now I get tired just jogging on a tread mill. Before I go back to the gym I’m going back on my OmniPod pump. I can control my BG better when I exercise with the pump.

Before going to gym, i often did running and cycling, But after joining the gym before lock down, i was indulged in many kind of exercises by different workout equipment. Now i’m just waiting for opening lock down, to get back to gym