29 weeks and counting down

baby is a bit larger than she should be at this stage, she was 29 weeks showing as 32 weeks in size, i freaked out, started tearing up, thinking i am doing everything i can! I showed my doctor my log book and tester, it showed i was testing every hour, some days even more often than that, he calmed me down and asked how tall my husband is, i said 6'5 he laughed and said its not all on you, ease off the testing, you dont need to know that at 12am your sugars are 5.4 and at 1am and 2am they are the same. He said because my husband is so tall, and d1's carry larger babies its out of my control, he also said I am doing a great job, so to calm down.

The nurse came in and told me other women who read in at the exact same 28weeks showing at 32 weeks in size/weight, and they dont have any complications like D1, its totally normal.

I felt alot better, but was amazed how overwhelming this ordeal is. not that i ever thought this would be easy, just a bit easier!

next apt is on tuesday next week, 3rd diagnostic ultra-sound so far so good!

Congratulations on your Little One. LOL! You’re Hubby’s size may certainly have a bit to do with your Baby’s size alright. I hope that you both keep Well and warm. :slight_smile:

Congratulations! What a wonderful time, and ENJOY the little life inside of you.