2nd A1C after Dexcom - 6.1

I just got my 2nd A1C back---been on Dexcom since June 2007---first was 6.0 but I battled alot of super lows from too much over correcting. Watching my BS rise was initally freaking me out.

Got the 2nd one back today---and I came in at 6.1.

I'm very happy with this...and it seems the Dexcom is worth the cost. Insurance battle is ongoing.

Mollie, if you don’t mind me asking, what was a typical a1c before you went on it? I just started on mine a couple days ago, and have been intrigued with what I see. Just can’t find any patterns yet.

Toni - prior to Dex I ran around 7.0— i had 2 in a row that were 7.3—then i buckled down, testing 8-9 times a day and hit 6.6—that is when i got the Dex and hit 6.0, and now 6.1— for the 6.6 i was stressing all the time…the 6.0 and 6.1 seem to have come without so much stress… Dex has educated me, mainly with getting better at carb counting, bolusing in an appropriate interval b4 eating meals, and notifies me when i go high—i think the high notification is one of the biggest things, because i no longer run 220 (or more) for hours on end.

I have found that patterns are hard to find with me too…even if i eat the exact same thing everyday and have a starting BS the same…one day i may just run higher or lower than the next— But, I have far fewer lows, and far far far fewer highs.

The first couple months i used it as a test to see what happened when i ate out, ate in, ate rice or pasta, etc. In that time I learned how to use the dual wave/combo bolus, how to better count carbs and that I need to take my insulin 30-40 minutes b4 i eat…(novolog). My brother is also on novolog and his premeal bolus works great at 20 minutes(so dont take the 30-40 as gospel).

All the info can be initially exciting yet overwhelming—i would be surprised if most CGM users dont agree with the initial information overload.

I hope you find the CGM as fantastic as I have…

i mainly picked the Dex because i have an Animas pump and didnt want to outlay the $1300 for the MM Guardian… if i would have had a MM pump, i would have done their combined pump CGM for sure. It is not really that convienent to carry around the receiver.

Also, i tried out the MM CGM(with pump) i was lucky to work with a girl that had it, and we switched pumps for a couple days…i found it to be as accurate as Dex…but i really really like the Dex Sensor Transmitter style better. Dex has no dangling parts and i have never had an issue with the Dex sensor coming out b4 the sensor ‘dies’— i was very happy to hear about Animas Dexcom agreement to integrate CGM into the Animas pump—it shoudl come out right about the time i need a new pump.

I check my BS 4-6 times a day—but i do still have the days where i test 8-12—and some where i test only 2 times…so i guess it all equals out to an average of 4-6. Whichever you go with, plan to test as much as you are now at least for a couple weeks.