2nd trimester insulin changes

I just started my 2nd trimester but I’m having issues with blood sugars- surprise lol. I was fighting lows but then a couple of weeks I started spiking after meals. So I think insulin resistance is starting. But I’m also having lows so it’s hard to pre bolus a meal when I’m 70, I wait until I’m higher. And sometimes I still only need half a dose of my bolus when I eat too. But then all of a sudden I need to do corrections. Anyway I can’t see any decernable pattern to raise Basel since I’m still getting low. Any advice? I’m guessing this is normal.

I would say one day at a time. My sugars were all over place with my second pregnancy.

During pregnancy things certainly change quickly. My best advice is to test frequently. Adjust as required. Correct for lows carefully to avoid over correction.

Are you on a pump? If so, what about doing a combo bolus where you give a little bolus up front and then a little more extended over a period of time. I’m 10 weeks and am slowly starting to see post-meal spikes; I hate it! I correct and correct but the waiting game for it to come down is frustrating.

I’m in a similar boat. 20 weeks and can’t figure out the new pattern. Sometimes I barely need to bolus, and other times I spike and then the bg is sticky there for a few hours. It’s been…interesting. I’m trying my best to avoid highs and treat the lows.