3 pods in 20 minutes

That’s right 3 pods 20 minutes, so feed up, i dug out my old mini med 722, some silhouettes and made a call to minimed since I forgot how to change the settings.

Are these common problems with the pod? I am asking because I am looking for a new pump and that was one of the ones I was looking at.

i recently had two pods quit in about that amount of time. The first failed as I was pulling it out of the tray to put it on. The second one quite about 30 minutes later claiming an “occlusion” – the guy on the phone tried to tell me that they don’t usually replace occluded pumps. I told him that I had it on for less than 20 minutes and it failed. It wasn’t me. Other than that, though, I’ve had pretty good luck with my pods over the last year.

Same exact thing happened to me. I kept thinking it was me. It wasn’t . Finally, after going through hell(driving with my kids while my numbers went up to 300 while on a summer vacation,) I stopped the car, changed the pod again. Didn’t work. Took an insulin shot which got me home. Literally. Called Medtronic that night. Got out my old Minimed, switched back over and never looked back. Yes, I hate the tether, but I will take the reliability any day, over the pod quandry of, will this one work?