$3 portion challange

I have a challange for yalls. I am looking for easy recipes that do not require an oven (they can use a toaster oven) but each portion cannot total over $3. with a maximum of 4 Portions

There is no Ramen allowed or Chef Boyardee either :)

Have fun with it im anxious to see what you come up with


oh boy this is a good challenge, lemme think on it

This should be interesting. You can bulk up pasta with a lot f veg. You can make homemade seitan which requires steaming so no oven. It is mostly made with vital wheat gluten. You can get recipes from the library or online. It is high in protein. The tough part is most recipes I have seen do not give you exact dimensions which is needed to cook it right. You can make your own sauce. Marinara. Thai Curry. Etc. That is what I made for lunch tomorrow but I admit I cheated and bought store bought curry sauce and ready made seitan. Making food from scratch makes it less expensive since you are not paying for anyone else's labor.

Josh, thanks so much for telling me about the Budget Bites website. Last night I made the Honey Mustard Pork Chops recipe and it was fabulous. Easy, and very tasty. We had it with sweet potatoes and collard greens. The 2 Tbl honey was the only carb in it, so that's 30 gm carb for the whole thing (at least 4 servings)

Thanks again!