3 Unique things


  1. I can (or used to be able to) type over 106 words per minute.
  2. I was a legal secretary before “burnout.”
  3. I use a blue scooter that I have named “Lexxie.” (for Lexxus)

Isn’t that lame!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Wow, Rick, looks like you’ve come with spare parts! Cool…you can always borrow one if you need an extra!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

I know about the too many pets thing… at one time I had 23 cats!! Thankfully dairys around here take strays no problem.

  1. I can (or used to be able to) type over 106 words per minute

holy smoking fingers! I’m lucky to have “spurts” of 72 wpm

awwwe… sweet Cinnamon. (you should right a childrens story)


In the past, I’ve out-typed either the keyboard or the program I was in!!! I don’t know if I can still do that since I haven’e had my hands on a computer since the end of 2004.


3 more unique:

  1. I got married at 17 but have been divorced now for 30 years.
  2. Taught CPR for 8.5 years as a volunteer. Worked most of my adult life as a volunteer besides working for sustenance.
  3. Spent almost $400 tonight without leaving my chair!

How’s them apples?

Lois La Rose

P.S. Sylvia: got some questions to see if I’m in my right (or left) mind?

400 dollars and didnt leave your chair? wow lol. online shopper? hope you got something good :slight_smile:

ha ha ha… I’ve been there baby… $500 in one day online. All good stuff of course! and I don’t have to get dress and brave the crowds! :o)

Right or Left handed… or ambidextrous

Right minded people are extremely creative and love all things artistic and from what I’ve seen tend to love astrology, love, beautiful things. (left handed)
Left minded people are very analytical, love sciences, math and puzzles they tend to scoff at things they can’t prove. (right handed)

Ambidextrous people are lucky they use more of their mind, typically both sides equally with one side being a tad more dominent.

3 more things

  1. I own 13 guitars!
  2. I was the German club Presidant in H.S. (barely remember any German)
  3. I was once addicted to ebay and hsn. I bought oodles of leather jackets, birkenstocks, and (50)diamond rings.

That is beautiful!!! Thank you!

:o) I love sci-fi! Not to the point of sporting a Klingon forehead, or speaking in a strange language… but I do like stories and programs that are based on “It could really happen stuff like that!”

I love most colors but turquoise blue is one of my favorites and it looks really good on me.

It’s awesome that you crochet. My mother used to crochet thread doilies… I can crochet but I rarely finish anything bigger than a potholder or a pair of slippers.

  1. This is my 12th and last year being homeschooled (I love being homeschooled, btw).
  2. I have a blue dot on my knee. it looks like someone poked me with a blue pen. only… it never goes away, lol.
  3. I can’t whistle OR do cartwheels.

Hey! Congrats on your last year of HS!! If you want to go to college… try online. I go to

http://www.eou.edu (inexpensive and online) EOU works with 2 different community colleges so you can get your under classman classes very inexpensively. http://www.tvcc.cc and http://www.bluecc.edu.

Too bad you don’t have an extra pancreas! Just kidding - it would be nice though, wouldn’t it? Sarah M2

  1. I collect shotglasses and I have over 50 (though none of them have been used, thank you).
  2. I have a mole on the bottom of my foot.
  3. I eat kiwis with the skin still on.

3. - What does the skin taste like? I LOVE kiwis but have never ever considered tasting the fuzzy skin.

  1. I am very artistic and creative yet extremely strong with math, puzzles and matching games.
  2. I LOVE to stay up late and “create”.
  3. I love being alone. (I love my family and friends, but I REALLY love “ME” time)

Allison #3

I eat kiwi with the skin on it, too! Glad to know I’m not alone! haha

yeah, as i get older… i seem to really enjoy alone time, too. i just love to sit and think.

me too! there’s just those times you need some space =)