34 year Diabersary - and Darth Vader

Or is it “diabeteversary?”

October 8, 1975 was the day I was dx’d according to the old medical records from the hospital in Rochester, New York. Every year, I feel like I should do more to commemorate the day somehow. I usually end up bringing it up to my wife and we share a toast, which is fine. Too much wine and it becomes a pity fest or I become angry, though. After 34 years I have already done all of that; it’s pointless. Best to stick to one drink on the diabersary.
This year the diabersary took place while we were at Disneyland with the 2 kids, so it was kind of an all-day celebration anyway. At the end of the day I did have a big chocolate brownie (along with the usual glass of wine with my wife, of course) so I got to put the insulin pump to work. That was definitely something I could not have done 34 years ago, before finger stick blood tests, insulin pumps, analog insulins, CGMs and carb ratios. No sweets. Maybe denying myself desserts helped me reach 34 years, but I wasn’t holding back now.

There was one special Diabersary event, though. My son and I sat out at Tomorrowland Plaza in D-Land on 10/8 in hopes that he would be picked for the Jedi Training Academy. We were in luck. He was one of the smaller kids selected and held his own with the light saber against Darth Vader. All that practice hitting things with sticks really paid off. I suppose I could try making some connection here about both of us fighting battles, or something about “The Force” being as random and unpredictable as diabetes - although must be ‘the dark side’ - but I’m not going to press it.

This whole Darth Vader event allowed me to participate in a corny vaudeville-style exchange with the Disney guy selling official photos the next day. I’ll admit, I was really dorky and Clark Griswold-ish here, but the guy was such a good straight man. (And yes, he really did ask me honestly if I would recognize my son in a photo:)

Disney Guy: I have the pictures of all participants here on this disk and you just pick out the ones you want. So when was it?
Me: It was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away (chuckle) no, it was 12:40 pm yesterday.
DG: (no hint of a smile) Here’s the disk. Did he fight Darth Maul or Darth Vader? (pictures display on the screen)
Me: Darth Vader.
DG: Do you know what he looks like?
Me: Yes, he was big and tall and had a black cape.
DG: No! Your kid.
Me: (pause) Yes, I think I might recognize him in a photo. Wait - that’s him in this picture (pointing)
DG: Are you sure?
Me: Yes. (deep voice) I am his father.

Happy D day congrats. Great place to celebrate no matter what you call the day 43 years here
Take care

Good celebration. Congratulations on 34 years, your beautiful son & the brownie!

What a lucky boy to get picked! Disneyland is the perfect place to celebrate.

What a kick! My son, Luke, would LOVE to have done that! He actually thinks I named him after Luke Skywalker! Ha! Truth is that I just thought the name was a strong one… Happens to work for him as he is my number one supporter with my diabetes. I was diagnosed a little over a year ago and he is always looking out for me. Especailly if I want just one of his Swedish fish or tootsie rolls he will ask me, “Are you sure that it is ok for your diabetes? or " I think it has too many carbs!” Not bad from a 6 year old boy with light sabers on his mind! I am lucky to have such a powerful force…love and courage from my son. Every day I am reminded why I fight the good fight and all without a lightsaber!
I hope you had a fantastic diabersary! And many more to come!

Happy diabeversary, Heres to many more x