35 years of Type 1 Part III

After the meeting with the twins I was bound and determined that nothing was going to stop me from getting that insulin pump. So the next day I made a an appointment with my doctor. I could not wait for that day to come! Finally that day was here and I was ready! I point blank said to him I want a pump. His reply was well I would not want to wear something that big on my belt. I looked right at him and said it will not be you who will be wearing the pump it will be me.
Now keep in mind ordering a pump was so much different that it is today. This was all new so everybody was still trying to figure things out. My doctor went ahead and placed the order for the Auto Syringe insulin pump I do not recall how long it took for the pump to come and training was very different that it is today as there where no certified pump trainers as there is now. The batteries for the pump where re chargeable nicad batteries that looked like a 9 volt. Do they still make 9 volt batteries ? lol
The infusion site used a steel needle then came the teflon which was a huge improvement. I was prone to staph infections from the needle but I did not care I was still bound and determine to be on the pump!