37 weeks and Counting

37 weeks pg and lots of contractions so I saw my obe and now got admitted to the high risk pregnancy unit where they're trying to stop the contractions. Want baby girl to wait at least another week (say that although 37 weeks is considered 'term' it is still too close to premature and so they want to keep baby inside.

So far not bad! They are allowing me to monitor and control my own diabetes (endorsed by my Obe). They did tell me they wanted to monitor my bs - but they haven't done that yet and I've been self monitoring.... but all meds are up to me.

Am on diabetic diet, but was able to tell them that is 'low carb'. They don't quite get it - mashed potato last night (though I said no starchy veges) and fish. This morning was omlete and broccoli, beans and carrots. Pretty good, aside from the pineapple juice they also sent.

Don't know how long I'll be stuck here (if I were my dr I wouldn't want to discharge me)... but it shall be interesting..

Hi Sally. Best of luck to you and your baby girl. I have no doubt that your stay will be interesting!

I hope things go smoothly for you, Sally to get that week you want and then have a good delivery and healthy little girl. It sounds like your hospital stay diabetes-wise is as good as possible, at least compared to some of the horror stories we've all heard. My guess is you did some arranging first to make sure you had control of your diabetes.

Well, I know it's no answer, but you'll be stuck there until they're confident that the baby will be born healthy, with no complications! :-)

I was in the hospital for 8 days before my son was born (I had pre-eclampsia), and not an hour after they told me they were going to induce the next day, I went into labor on my own. I will admit that a long stay in the hospital without being allowed to get out of bed is BORING, it's totally worth it for the health of the baby.

I hope you have some reading or handwork you want to do -- it takes patience, but the outcome is worth it! :-) Good luck! and waiting to hear the good news! :-)

Best of luck! What a wonderful time in your life! I am type 1 and my babies were born in 1980 and 82. A lot more is known now but we were so lucky to end up with 2 very healthy boys. Both were "induced" early--the first 4 weeks ahead and the second 3 weeks ahead of due date. The first was in an incubator for 2 days (he had shown signs of distress in the womb so they induced before they wanted to). With my first baby, I had NO glucometer so I walked to the lab up the street every other day for a test. I got my first glucometer while pregnant with my second. Of course there was no pump or instant insulin. I was on Llente, 2 shots a day. Very primitive but it worked! Thank you for letting me reminisce! I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

Sally, I had almost a month of prodromal labour before my oldest was born. It wasn't easy, but everything went fine in the end. She was very healthy and has continued to thrive for the last 24 years. I'm glad that you're getting the care you need and that you're able to attend to your diabetes management, too. Try to enjoy having some extra rest as much as you can. After your daughter arrives it's going to be harder to find for quite awhile!



Good luck, Sally!

Sending you warm thoughts for the extra time you want, and for an easy birth and a healthy new daughter!


Here's hoping your little bun stays in the oven until she's just right! Take care and best wishes for a healthy delivery.