3rd anniversary and I have the sniffles

Today is my 3rd anniversary. Although most things are automatic now (test, measure food, inject, eat, test again) I'm still having trouble thinking that I'm diabetic. I'm grateful I didn't have it when I was younger but maybe would be more compliant if I didn't know life as a nondiabetic. Right now I'm fighting a cold and getting ready to go to work in my overcrowded classroom. So it may be my anniversary but I don't feel like celebrating anything.

So sorry you are feeling sad, Kathyann. I have been diabetic longer (44 years)than not being diabetic(13 years), so my life experiences and life perspective IS going to be different than yours. You are a wonderful teacher and, as I remember, work with little ones in that overcrowded classroom. They do not see you as a "non-compoliant" diabetic. Do not think of yourself in those terms. You are a wonderful person before and after and inspite of the diabetes diagnois. Do I always have perfect a1c's under 7? Of course not. My last one was 8.2 . In the months after my father died, I kind of went by these diabetes burn-out attitudes: I am not passing out from lows and I do not need help treating them. I am not spilling ketones.I am not impeded in most of the things I want to do, so this is good enough, for now. Then I got back on the "regular" regimen" (intensive testing and correction bolussing, basal testing, very limited SWAGS) I find, not surprisingly, that I actually am feeling better psychologically since my diabetes control is better. Am I beating myself uo for non-compliance or regretting that I did not follow the "rules for being a GOOD diabetic"? Nope. Don't you do it either. Look at those little faces in your classroom. Ask the students in the class to get you a tissue when you feel a sneeze coming on, and they will all want to race and get you one.They love you anyway. Do Take care of yourself as you feel the signs of a cold . I personally us Zican nasal tubes at the first suymptoms of a cold, and they work for me in shotrnring both the length and severity of the cold, maybe even avoiding it altogether: They work for me)

You are "fearfully and wonderfully made our Creator. dibates and all, you are. No, you do not have to celebrate being a diabetic. I agree it it is not the same as nor as "easy" as your non-diabetic life. And I am sure you are grieving that past life: that is to be expected.. But you got up and kept on going, anyway. That is to be commended!! You get up and kept on going everyday!!Have a great day, dearie!!

God bless,

Excuse my typos, hon.. I wanted to tell you, quickly and emphatically, to be encouraged, anyway. Hope it helped.

i hope your day gets better, we have chosen not to celebrate a diaversery for jacob but if you do maybe pat yourself on the back for a job well done and maybe celebrate with a treat covering those carbs of course, best wishes. you are more than your diabetes! amy