3rd Set Change!

So I did my third set change (second one doing it all by myself no help) and I'm doing a lot better then when I did it the first time :) I'm finally getting the hang of it. Not having as many problems with the air bubbles. The only thing that really messes me up is when I'm about to push the buttons to insert the set. I really don't like needles as it is so I tend to hesitate a bit..I guess I just don't have the push both buttons at the same time talent lol So yeah...things are going good and my sites haven't been bothering me too much I only had one problem with one when I took it out it kinda hurt and it was bleeding a bit but other then that its been going ok :)

Good for you Shayla! It will continue to get easier, you'll be multitasking while changing your site before you know it ;)

40+ years as a type 1. I'm not used to the needles either :) Well, maybe a little used to them, but still I flinch sometimes. You'll find that you will learn to understand your skin's nerve endings a bit, and find areas that are easier than others. Of course, you're not supposed to do that due to rotation but it does help on days when you just aren't in the mood to stick yourself again, to find a spot that doesn't have as much feel to it when you put the needle in.