4 month Average Fasting BG=107... should I be concerned?

I’m just curious what other opinions are - should I be concerned?

My average fasting BG has been 107, for mid-May '09 until now. My dr sent me to an endo, per my request, and I was told everything looked ok, but to keep an eye on my bg. My A1C in June was 5.7

Out of curiousity, I’ve been trying to check before and after eating this week.
Experiment - I had ice cream and a beer about 3-4hrs before bed:
Day 1: before-147, 1.5hrs after-182, 2hrs after-149, next day fasting-98
Day 2: before:110, 1.5hrs after-176, 3hrs after-110, next day fasting-91
The amount of Ice Cream I’m talking about comes out to about 30-40g carbs…

Everything I’ve read online is pretty much telling me I should be concerned, since my fasting bg is consistently over 100 - 80% of my fasting bg numbers between May and now have been between 95 and 120. I am not convinced that I’m actually diabetic at this point (the numbers equate to pre-diabetic), but I’d rather address this now, and avoid ending up in the er a few years from now with some crazy-high numbers.

About me - I’m 23, f, and I’m 5’3", 175lbs. I don’t tend to get much exercise. I know my work schedule doesn’t help anything - I work nights, and then swap my life around 12hrs so I can live during the day on my off days - i.e. I’m often quite short on sleep… Cholesterol #'s are good, so I’m pretty sure that rules out T2.

I don’t eat that badly - yes, there’s ice cream many “nights” before bed, but the rest of the time, it’s mostly raw veggies, fish, pork/chicken, nonfat milk / soymilk, sometimes pasta, and other relatively good-for-you meals. Never anything fried…

I’m sure if I would get out and get some excercise, I could help these numbers a bit, but I want to know why they’re high before I try to fix it myself.

What do you think? Does this sound like:
a. Nothing
b. Prediabetic
c. the start of 1.5/LADA
d. T2
e. something else?

I have an appt with a new regular dr on Thursday, and plan to talk to her about this. Any suggestions regarding what I should ask her?

Thanks so much for your help!!

(please let me know if I should post this in a different forum - I wasn’t really sure where to put it…)

Hi Amy,
I’m no doctor, but especially your after meal numbers are definitely too high for a non diabetic. It shouldn’t matter how many carbs you eat, a normal person would never go up to 180. My guess is, that you have impaired glucose tolerance. What did your endo tell you? Did he do a glucose tolerance test or an antibody/c-peptide test? These things can tell you if you have diabetes and what kind it is. Although it’s unlikely that you have T1, there is definitely some cause for concern. Get another appointment with your endo, or find a new one, if he ignores you. In the meantime you can try to reduce your carbs per meal to eliminate the spikes after eating.
I hope you figure everything out.

Hi Amy,

I agree with Kat-- the after meal blood sugars are too high.

You should request a glucose tolerance test from your doctor. That will help them to understand if this is diabetes. But it sounds like diabetes to me.

Thanks for both of your responses - He didn’t do a glucose tolerance test or an antibody/c-peptide test - I’ll see what the dr says on thursday, and then see about making an appt with the endo again. I definitely need to get more of an answer from them than just a "keep an eye on it…"
After the lab results came back, the endo said that everything was within the normal ranges and looked fine. Basically not to worry, but to keep an eye on it. But after getting him to send me the results, I saw that some things were just barely within the normal ranges… “T3 Uptake” was 33.6, and the range is 24.0-35.0, and Prolactin was 24.6, and the range is 1.9-25.0, and the A1C was 5.7, and their range shows 4.2-5.8 as normal, though I’ve seen more relaxed ranges for that a lot of places…

The A1C is just an information about your average blood sugar levels, it tells you nothing about individual numbers. You can have an A1C of 5,7 by staying around 120 at all times or you can reach the same average/A1C by constantly swinging between 80 and 200 for example. It appears your A1C is low, because your fasting blood sugars are still relatively normal and the spikes after meals don’t last very long, so they barely influence the A1C. Such spikes are damaging to your health in the long run nonetheless. And that is the reason why an A1C isn’t used for an official diagnosis of diabetes.

makes sense about the A1C. I think I’m glad I decided to check after eating more - even though it’s giving me information I didn’t want to know…

Just got back from the doctor - she said it sounds like I’m Type 2, and that I need to keep my daily carb intake around 60… I’m getting a glucose tolerance test on 10/1, and and probably A1c & antibody/c-peptide tests then too… We’ll see how my bg numbers are the next few weeks - should be ok if I can actually keep my carbs that low…

You will feel GOOD as you start lowering the carbs. She’s put a real challenge before you! You’re up to it, and all of us are ready to hear your progress! Keep it up! Read the labels! And maybe add a bit of protein so you don’t feel hungry. It breaks down to glucose slower than carbs.

I think maybe she meant 120g carbs - she said 60, but also said the equivalent of 8 slices of bread, and that bread = 15g carbs… unless she meant 4 slices of bread… regardless, I need to relax this whole concept, since I’m just not eating now, and that’s not a good thing, since I’ve lost at least 5lbs in the last 3 days because of not finding anything to eat…

Try eating more meats, more vegetables, plain yogurt, salads (with very little dressing)… you may be able to eat more things later, but in the beginning it is good to try the things that are sure not to raise your blood sugar.