4 more days to raise $9,300 more

Since we have received $1,000 in donations outside of the fundraising web site in the course of this month, we adjusted the total that we need to raise through http://dhf.causevox.com down to $14,000.

Of the total goal ($15,000) we’ve raised just $5,700, so we have 4 days to raise another $9,300. What do you guys think?

If you can afford it, please go to http://dhf.causevox.com and make a donation. If you cannot afford it, please help us by creating a fundraising page.

Just sent my donation in today Manny. Not much but maybe it will help. Hey how do you create a fundrasing page anyway? LOL! No I’m serious.

Someone told me that a member had donated $5, leaving only $2.48 in her checking account… I want to make sure that this person knows…
Please, please, please: don’t put yourself in such a tight spot. You need to take care of yourself first…

We love you for what you did, but we want you to be OK!

To create a fundraising page, go to this page:
complete your details and you will be up and running in no time.

Ok screwed it up b/c I was going to put iton my FB account unfortuntly I forgot my email addy there and now it won’t let me back in with my name already being used so’s what do I do Manny???

What do you mean you screwed up, Doris?

I used my user name on the 1st page then I went to the 2nd page. I forgot my FB acount number and address soooo I decided to go to fb and get it. I came back to the adress you gave me and on the the 1st page it said (after I typed my address in that name was already being used. I don’t have another FB account so I just came hereand ask what to do now. LOL!

Ugh please remember your dealing with a kindergardner when it comes to the computer! LOL! Plus this one is 7 years old or older. No kidding!