4 words is harder than you think......!

We’re having a hypo?

let’s get some COFFEE

It is medication time

Straight-jackets give me wedgies.

Cheating a bit with the hyphen, I know :slight_smile:

How are you today?

I’ve had better days

Tomorrow will be better.( LOL! I got 4 worgs there too)



Hope there’s insulin here !!

I know, I couldn’t resist.

I’ll try again

"Oops, got low again :("

Are we cured yet?

Are we dead yet?

Where are the patients ???

Whats your name doctor?

Hi-ho Silver, away?

I am the leader…!

Why am I here?


Give me a hug

Why are we here?

I hope you’re happy. (If you caused us to both be committed.)

Look Ma no hands!!!


Yours wins for best laughs!