40 years with type 1 and I forgot to take my insulin!

Has that ever happened to you? I only noticed at 5 PM that I never took my 9 AM long-acting insulin injection! First I was mystified, then horrified, and then said, "Oh, what the f&#k! and just took the shot, calculating two-thirds the dose since there was only two-thirds of the day left.

If you want to read the very funny story, I put it all on the Huffington Post.

While I'm no technophile, amazing simple technology is what let me know I'd forgotten my shot. So here's to technology, and how hard we work at our diabetes, including the times we mess up and the times we get it right!

Yep, me at 40 years too and used this as one of the many reasons to start on a pump. I went 30 plus years never forgetting, then I woke up far too early one morning with a 500+ BG. It took me a bit to realize that I forgot my bed time long acting. It happend 2 other times (getting old's a b*tch!)

Now I've got an Omnipod that beeps at me to remind me to do things. :)

38 years for me and this past weekend, for the first time, I reversed my rapid and long acting in the morning. It made for an interesting day.

I'm 41 and have forgotten insulin doses too many times in the midst of my hectic life. I've also mixed up my Lantus and H before, so no longer inject insulin while talking on the phone. Have to show my husband this thread so he knows I'm not the only one who does this.

I could take off my shoes and socks nad still couldn't count the number of times I have done something stupid with my insulin. Take and forget it and inject again. Not inject. Inject the wrong stuff.

Maybe it's just the diabetes that causes it...lol. Nope, got nothing to do with it. Except that is why we have to take the stuff in the first place.

I remember once in my years of living with D, I forgot to take any insulin.

I've also heard friends who've mixed up their rapid- and long-acting insulins. Luckily I haven't experience that yet. Thanks for sharing your experiences

Hi Riva. I have in fact mixed up my Apidra and my Levemir, taking the Apidra at bedtime, then having to spend half the night drinking Regular Coke and testing. I try to avoid this mistake by using Ap vial and Lev pen, but distractions are evil. Using split doses of the long-acting basal also makes the mistake more manageable than taking one big dose, which is common with Levemir anyway. Glad you haven't had that experience (yet)!

side tracking : lost our car keys today ...lots of things can happen and we cannot always explain WHY ...it is what is ...but a nice end , the lady from the store Hubby went to ask if he could use her phone , drove him to our home and back with spare key ...lots to be grateful to :) ...she sells icecream , I am wearing my Diabetes Advocacy T-shirt , ha,ha

Hey Nel that T-shirt is appropriate for eating ice cream lol.