5 year old type 1

I am a Mom to 3 wondeful kids 2 girls and and the last is a boy, that would be my 5 year stubborn diabetic child that will not eat vegtables, Cade was diagnosed on March 5th 2006, at 4 years old, that was a sad day, He had all the symtoms so I new before I even called my Dad (type 2 ) to tell him I needed to poke Cades finger. the meter read 350 so off to the ER we went thank goodness we caught it early, after strugling to get his blood sugar in range for almost a year I decided this was not working so on Jan. 25 2007 we started on the mini med pump and 8 weeks later the CGM, Things are looking up.

Welcome! I’m glad things are looking up and that you’ve joined us here. By the way, that is an incredibly cute pic!

Thanks Im glad to be here.